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Pullman hotels are where the new nomads find inspiration and make connections. Premium technology and services break down the boundaries between work and leisure and provide high-intensity experiences. Central locations in the major cities of the world, the best professional and sports amenities, timeless and functional design as well as balanced culinary concepts are some of the features to be found in Pullman hotels.

  • +20,000 employees in the world

  • +30,000 events organized each year

  • 143 hotels



Artist Playground
The “Artist Playground is an initiative intended to add elements of local interest, cultural intrigue and visual ingenuity to the hotel’s communal space, designed to be a permanent space within the hotel; it can be “fixed” or “moveable”, and should be easily visible to all guests (i.e. lobby, bar space...).
Each “Artist Playground” project is all about creating excitement and curiosity, and establishing the Pullman hotels as a part of the surrounding community’s cultural scene.
“Artist Playground” are fed by different sources such as galleries, art schools, local artists...

Business Playground
Pullman has reinvented meetings with “Business Playground” created exclusively by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur. This room reflects the brand’s global nomad inspiration and the lifestyle of its guests. It combines efficiency and pleasure with a fresh take on the traditional aspects of a meeting: The Pullman Poker Table for pleasurable experience between work and game; The Pullman Canopy Break allows participants to relax comfortably and take a botanic break or have an informal conversation; The Pullman Curiosity Boxes display trigger ideas and transport guests to unexpected places; the best of the “Connectivity by Pullman” concept and Food & beverage services.

Pullman Junction
Everything to be expected from a lobby is there. Check-in, instant connectivity, and so on. Guests and visitors alike will be seduced by an energy that surprises, delights and encourages vibrant interaction, executed through 3 zones:

1. Welcome Area: Check-in/ Check-out
2. Cosmopolitan hub
3. F&B outlet

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