Diversity & Inclusion

Welcoming others, give recognition, drawing on their differences and valuing them: those are the founding principles of our managerial ethics, which are both rooted in our DNA and the key to our Group success.

Three employees chef kitchen smiling taking together selfie on smartphone

Three employees chef kitchen smiling taking together selfie on smartphone

We are naturally diverse

With 280,000 employees in all four corners of the globe, diversity is a daily reality for our Group. This ambition, which we want to take forward with you, forms part of a drive to be open, promote equality in the workplace and prevent discrimination, everywhere we operate.

A long-standing and proactive approach

Our Diversity ambition is structured around four priorities:

  • Gender diversity and equality
  • A breadth of ethnic, social and cultural origins
  • Multi-generational synergy
  • The integration of people with disabilities

To make the transition from words to actions, a Diversity & Inclusion governance structure has been built around an international community that meets regularly to share best practices and roll out our diversity commitment at an operational level, wherever we are.

To champion the Group's eight commitments and spread their influence as widely as possible, they have been brought together under the Group Diversity Commitment.

Committed to gender equality


In May 2015, we joined the IMPACT 10x10x10 initiative of the HeForShe solidarity campaign backed by UN Women. Our ambition is to ensure that actions to foster gender equality are driven by both women and men, thereby changing mentalities within the hotel industry.


Elizabeth Nyamayaro

Head of UN Women's HeForShe initiative


Six years after its creation, the WAAG network is taking a new step by improving the Group’s commitment to gender equality with a new goal: diversity, as a key driver of collective performance.

Renamed "RiiSE” and open to both men and women, this network is active across five continents via the mobilization of strong regional communities. Its action is based in particular on the sharing of knowledge through a mentoring program, with 900 pairs in some 20 countries in 2018, on the promotion of especially female talent to positions of responsibility, and on combatting all forms of discrimination.

Another of RiiSE’s core beliefs is that no progress can be made in terms of gender equality, fairness and diversity without the support of men, who currently represent 42% of the network’s members.

In addition to mentoring and the promotion of diversity, RiiSE will strive to combat stereotypes, everyday sexism, and sexual harassment. 

Integrating people with disabilities

In 2015, the Group strengthened its commitment to integrating people with disabilities by signing and adopting the ten principles of the Global Business and Disability Charter of the ILO, the International Labour Organisation.

When visiting our recruitment site Accor Careers, any person with a disability can state their situation in a dedicated area. Their application is then processed by specially trained recruiters and/or by the Mission for the Integration of Disabled Persons. For further details on all of the measures to support people with disabilities at different stages of their working life, visit Accor Careers.

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