Die Entwicklung in Afrika

Hotel pool in Africa

Hotel pool in Africa

Die Standorte in Afrika

Accor has strong ambitions for Africa where the group intends to maintain its historical leadership. With dedicated development offices in Johannesburg and in Casablanca, we are focusing on consolidating our footprint in North Africa as well as expending our presence in Central and South Africa. Our development in Africa is spread across different market segment and the diversity of Accor brand portfolio including lifestyle, all inclusive and residential allows us to have a meaningful solution for every project.

François Baudin - SVP Development Africa

  • 120 Hotels

  • 16.600 Zimmer

  • 20 Länder

Die Projekte in Afrika

  • 50 Hotels

  • 8,500 Zimmer

  • 14 Länder

Ihr Team zur regionalen Entwicklung

Afrika und Indischer Ozean



VP Entwicklung
Country focus: Nigeria, Mauritius, Mozambique, Angola

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Direktor für Entwicklung
Country focus: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya

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Manager für Entwicklung 
Country focus: Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, DRC

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Business Analyst
Country focus: Sub Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean

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Direktor für Entwicklung
Country focus: North Africa (excl. Egypt), West Africa (excl. Nigeria) and Central Africa (excl. DRC)

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