Shareholder Advisory Committee



The Shareholder Advisory Committee serves as both a consultative body and a forum for discussion, to improve the way we communicate with our retail shareholders.

The aim is to enhance our understanding of individual shareholders' expectations about the information they receive and their relationship with the company in order to make the communication process as transparent as possible and align it more closely with their specific needs.

The Committee meets twice a year and is chaired by the Senior Vice President, Financial Communications and Investor Relations.

Its nine members are volunteers chosen for their motivation and for how well they reflect the diversity of AccorHotels' retail shareholder base.

The Shareholder Advisory Committee members

If you want to contact the committee members to suggest topics for discussion at committee meetings or exchange views, please send them an e-mail via our contact form:

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The individual shareholders committee currently counts:

•    Jean-Louis DERVIN (Caen, Calvados)
•    Michel FERNET (Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine)
•    Marie-Christine COLLIN (Paris)
•    Benoît VILTE (Courbevoie, Hauts-de-Seine)
•    Gilbert MONNA (Avignon, Vaucluse)
•    Guy VAGNER (Dreux, Eure et Loir)
•    Philippe LE GOUDIVEZE (Moëlan-sur-Mer, Finistère)
•    Jean-Pierre VEROLLET (Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-Seine)
•    Serge OTTAVIANI (Auberchicourt, Nord)


The Shareholder Advisory Committee meets twice a year.

On November 16, 2018 at the MGallery Molitor hotel:

  • review of the Group’s results and development over the first half of 2018 and the trends witnessed during the third quarter of the year;
  • discussions concerning the use of the €4.6 billion in cash proceeds from the disposal of AccorInvest: share buyback program and acquisition of hotel chains (Mövenpick, Atton, SBE and 21C Museum) and service providers (Adoria, Resdiary and Gekko) to build a comprehensive ecosystem of attractive, coherent and profitable services;
  • presentation of sector-based challenges: growth in international tourism driven by Chinese tourism, increased market concentration, digitization of the industry, expanding service-based ecosystems, diversified offerings, increasing importance of the lifestyle segment, etc.;
  • presentation of the Group’s new business model and growth drivers: consolidating leadership in Chinese and US niche markets, focusing development on high-potential regions and high-value added segments, diversifying the brand portfolio into innovative segments, developing the residential offering and stepping up the focus on F&B;
  • discussions concerning the Group’s digital strategy and digital challenges: improving infrastructure to enhance distribution efficiency, building a beneficial ecosystem for the Group’s partners, accelerating the Group’s personalization strategy and boosting the attractiveness of the loyalty program;
  • discussions focused on the Group’s new distribution policy based on recurring free cash flow;
  • lunch at the headquarters.

April 18, 2018 conference call:

  • review of 2017 results and the Group’s development over the year;
  • discussions concerning disposal arrangements for AccorInvest and the short-, medium- and long-term consequences for the Accor business model;
  • update on the Group’s business diversification strategy, which has notably boosted its distribution capabilities with the acquisitions of Gekko and Resdiary;
  • preparations for the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of April 20, 2018.

On October 27, 2017 at the AccorHotels head office in Issy les Moulineaux


  • Review of the results for the first half of 2017 and the latest trends seen during the third quarter of the year.
  • Presentation of the Group leadership positions, discussion on global market trends for hotel and non-hotel accommodation.
  • Presentation of the Group's strategy and discussion on the legal, financial and business implications of the transformation underway:
    • Disposal of AccorInvest: financial impact and implications for the hotel portfolio;
    • New Group model and its growth levers: robust development, strengthening of geographic, brand and segment leaderships;
    • Creation of an ecosystem structured around new business lines thanks to the partnerships and acquisitions signed over the past two years.

On May 2, 2017 conference call


  • Review of the 2016 yearly results.
  • Discussion on the structural operations carried out by AccorHotels in the first quarter of 2017: changes in the Group model which began with the diversification of activities into high value-added complementary businesses, integration of FRHI, customer loyalty.
  • Discussion on the spin-off project for AccorInvest.
  • Preparations for the 2017 Annual Shareholders' Meeting.

On December 20, 2016 at the AccorHotels headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux

  • A review of the most recent acquisitions carried out by the Group in order to expand and consolidate its business model:
    • Presentation of the acquisitions of 25Hours and Banyan Tree aimed at consolidating the Group’s private rental business,
    • Presentation of the acquisition of John Paul, carried out by the Group with a view to stepping up its service offerings and customer relations expertise for the benefit of the customers of its hotel network and private rental platforms,
  • A tour of the Jo&Joe showroom, the new AccorHotels lifestyle brand aimed at millennials:
  • Speech by Éric Peyrard, Managing Director France & Northern Europe of Fastbooking, on the challenges of digital technology for independent hotels. Discussions on direct and indirect distribution strategies and multichannel e-commerce strategies (mobile, social media, etc.) designed to help hotels increase their visibility on the internet and grow their market share;
  • Lunch at the headquarters.

On July 21, 2016 at the AccorHotels headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux

  • Presentation of the most recent real estate restructuring transactions and status report on the digital plan,
  • Analysis of global industry challenges and detailed review of the Group’s acquisition strategy:
  • Acquisition of the Fairmont Raffles Hotels International Group (terms and conditions, refocusing on the Luxury segment, and integration and governance issues),
    • Expansion of the Group’s business model to include luxury private rentals via the acquisitions of onefinestay, Squarebreak and Oasis Collections,
    • Presentation of the project to turn HotelInvest into a subsidiary and of the latest Food & Beverage projects,
  • Lunch at the headquarters;

On November 26, 2015 at the Pullman Paris Bercy hotel

Agenda :

•    A review of the real estate challenges at AccorHotels (and their development over nearly five decades), from when the Group was first formed in 1967 up to the creation of HotelInvest in 2014;
•    A presentation of HotelInvest's strategy and growth drivers, as well as its position in relation to HotelServices;
•    A talk by Arnaud Beaulieu, HotelInvest's SVP Asset Management, about various portfolio restructuring operations carried out under his authority;
•    Lunch at the hotel;
•    A tour of the hotel.

On June 24, 2015 at the Sofitel Paris Faubourg hotel


•    A review of the Group's most recent transformation achievements, in the area of distribution, with the creation of the marketplace open to independent hotels, and in the area of digital technology, with the development of an ecosystem of applications designed to ensure that guests have the best possible experience when they stay in one of the network's hotels;
•    A discussion about the Group's new Accorhotels marketing brand, "Feel Welcome" promise and visual identity, which create a link between the Group, its various brands and the distribution platform, thereby improving their appeal, both individually and collectively;
•    A presentation of the editorial content for the first-half 2015 Shareholder Webzine;
•    Lunch at the hotel;
•    A tour of the hotel.

On November 20, 2014 at the MGallery Molitor hotel


a presentation on the challenges facing Accor in the area of digital technology and its digital transformation strategy, which will be implemented through eight dedicated programs, as part of a five-year, €225 million investment plan;
a look back at the first Shareholder Webzine published in August 2014 and a discussion about the second edition, which was released in December 2014;
a discussion about the replacement of the Shareholder Club working group with Accor's Shareholder Advisory Committee in December 2014 and the revamping of the Shareholders Club scheduled for February 2015;
lunch at the hotel;
tour of the hotel complex.

On April 7, 2014 at Accor's registered office, followed by lunch and a tour of the Sofitel Arc de Triomphe hote


preparations for the 2014 Annual Shareholders' Meeting;
a discussion about the new strategy defined by Sébastien Bazin for Accor, based on leveraging the value and strategic fit between HotelServices and HotelInvest;
lunch at the hotel;
a tour of the hotel.