Innovation Novotel reinforces its engagement against food waste
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Novotel is joining forces with Too Good To Go, an application to combat food waste.

Launched in June 2016, the mobile application “Too Good To Go” suggests its users to collect, from local stores and outlets, the fresh produce of the day that has not been consumed or sold.

Novotel has been testing this system during a few months by proposing that communities in the neighborhood of its addresses come and collect unsold breakfasts and buffet food from five pilot restaurants and hotels.

The experiment proved to be very positive as over 200 meals were able to be saved!

This partnership, which was hailed by the french press, with news of it being relayed on social networks, has been a real springboard for the hotels


Since January 2017 the partnership is working to extend it to all the other brands in the Group. This initiative is growing every day in the world. In fact, other countries are testing the application such as Switzerland, United Kingdom or Germany! Stay tuned!

Planet 21

This initiative is deeply ingrained in our sustainable program. With Planet 21 we are nurturing one of the basics of the feeding:  food waste.