Wellness tourism: in search of the self




Is wellness tourism a pleonasm? Few people go on holiday to suffer, unless they’re devotees of adventure tourism or endless treks! But some push the limits of wellness. Spas, body treatments and hot-spring cures have become draws that can entice tourists to travel across the world. Women have already been won over, and a rising number of men are going to saunas. Even children are entitled to a massage before going back to school.

A healthy industry

Wellness tourism starts with quality food and a good night’s sleep, two criteria that determine the choice of destination and accommodation.

Wellness tourism is a key trend that goes beyond the tourism industry: health is very “in” today. To prove the point, just consider how many apps and connected objects have recently come out to count the number of steps we take every day, track our calorie intake or assess the quality of our sleep. The estimated value of the overall wellness market is put at $3.4 trillion.

More and more of us want to lead a wholesome lifestyle, but on a day-to-day basis we sometimes face real hurdles, such as lack of time to shop and prepare a good home-cooked meal, tiredness that keeps us out of the gym and worries brought home from work that prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep. But these obstacles usually vanish on holiday, which is therefore the ideal time for a wellness cure.

Once the basics — meals and sleep — are taken care of, wellness tourism offers a range of activities, such as yoga, spas, saunas, hot-spring cures and steam baths, that open up the door to serenity. Guests can choose whatever strikes their fancy, but the goal remains the same: relaxation, relaxation, relaxation!


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