Novotel: 60 minutes to break out
1 min

Immerse yourself in the Roaring Twenties with the new escape room "SPEAKEASY" at the Novotel Bern Expo, in Switzerland.

The story takes place in Bern, in the 1920s, in a secret bar where absinthe is distilled and served, an illegal beverage at that time.

Your mission, if you accept it: snatch the "green fairy" (nickname given to absinthe), before the police get their hands on it. Whether you are a bar customer or a police officer, the choice of the role you want to play is up to you.

Do you like competition? The Novotel Bern Expo offers you the possibility to challenge your friends and fight them in battle!

After the game, a specialized bartender offers you an absinthe tasting.

Why « Speakeasy »?

SPEAKEASY comes from the name given to underground bars during prohibition in the United States. The origin of the term itself is not certain, but two theories come up most often: the fact of having to whisper when you wanted to order alcohol or the fact of speaking more easily once you drank it.