Setting sail for the Mediterranean!
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After a voyage of 4,000 miles during the tour of France in 2017 and a refit, Energy Observer left Marseille’s Old Port on Wednesday 28 March bound for Corsica, then Italy, Tunisia, Israel, Egypt and several other countries for a complete tour of the Mediterranean. Cast off the moorings!

Launched in Saint-Malo and christened in Paris in 2017, Energy Observer is setting off on a world tour which will last for 6 years! After its tour of France in 2017 and a winter refit at La Seyne-sur-Mer, the boat officially began its tour of the Mediterranean from Marseille.  

AccorHotels is part of the adventure…

Just to remind you, the former racing catamaran Energy Observer is now an experimental floating laboratory and the 1st boat with an autonomous energy supply and zero greenhouse gas emissions or fine particles. The vessel is capable of producing its own hydrogen using seawater and can transform it into electricity thanks to 3 natural resources: water (hydrogen), sun (photovoltaic panels) and wind (wind turbines).

As part of the Planet 21 program, AccorHotels and AccorInvest are partners and so we can access the boat’s innovative and green technologies, understand and test them before using them in our hotels. The aim is for zero carbon emissions!

For 6 years, 50 countries, 101 ports of call…

At 4 pm on 28 March the Energy Observer set off for the Mediterranean on the 2nd stage of its 6 year world tour. Its unique location bordered by 3 continents and surrounded by 23 countries, makes it a real climate change laboratory and a strategic choice for the crew looking for concrete solutions to save the planet. More than a boat, it is also an Odyssey around the world to meet all those who design tomorrow's world today! A cleaner world is possible, and these men and women using sustainable solutions are proof of that.

Unleash your inner sailor and follow the vessel live!

…Alongside other partners!

The expedition is full of partners: institutional - the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, UNICEF, or private - ENGIE, Toyota or Air Liquide... all want to participate in this odyssey. Proof of the enthusiasm around the project, Victorien Erussard, founder and captain of Energy Observer, has just been appointed the first French ambassador of the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the UN in 2015. A message of hope embodied by the boat!