78 cubicles, 78 artists
2 min

The Molitor Paris - MGallery, a temple to Parisian underground art, gives pride of place to street art once again! 78 cubicles around the edge of the winter pool have been given a whole new look and now form a vast gallery of contemporary street art. 

For 60 years, Molitor enjoyed its established position as the hippest swimming pool in Paris. After it closed in 1989, the building was classed as an historic monument and then saw a procession of graffiti artists who turned it into their playground for creative expression.

A history of street art

Street artists from all round the world left their mark on it. From the legendary New York artist, Seen to the Parisian, Psyckoze, and the Gouzou creations by Jace, the artist from Réunion, they’re now all part of the establishment's history.

Art is well established at the Molitor and is there to stay. Whether it's in the hotel lobby, in the blue cubicles around the winter pool, or in the rooms… It's omnipresent, expressed through paintings, lithographs and colorful murals.

Even in the cubicles

The cubicles round the edge of the winter pool originally provided swimmers with the required privacy for them to get changed - the big change before the big dive!

Today it’s artists rather than swimmers who are revealed in the cubicles. 78 artists have been allowed to give free rein to their creativity in the 2m2 of space within each cubicle.

In cubicle 166, you’ll discover the cheerful world of the “Gouzous” by Jace, and the mischievous air of Monsieur Chat in cubicle 188. Interact with Francs Colleurs stickers from the 9th Concept art collective, and use your flash on one of the walls in cubicle 114 by Marko93 to reveal what's hidden there, or let yourself be carried away by the poetry of Mademoiselle Maurice’s origami in no. 40… So many experiences to enjoy and artists to discover.

Sylvia Randazzo, Art Director at the Molitor, and various artists who’ve taken over the cubicles tell you more about this project:

To visit the artist cubicles at the winter pool, click here.