MGallery’s exceptional 10th anniversary
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MGallery is 10 years old already! Each of its boutique-hotels has an intriguing history and the brand celebrates its anniversary while continuing to re-invent itself.

Already 8 unique hotels In 2008.

Right from the start the MGallery concept broke the traditional hospitality codes by offering a unique experience heavily inspired by the history of each place. Like the 1st hotel of the collection, the Hotel Rotary Genève, designed by René Favre, an architect and keen antique collector, whose objects have given the hotel its soul.

Hotel Rotary Geneva - MGallery
An experiment that proved highly successful and was mastered to perfection, for the brand now has 90 hotels in 24 countries.  From Molitor the symbol of 1930s Parisian elegance, to the INK Hotel Amsterdam previously the home of the Dutch newspaper "De Tijd", these hotels are like no others.
INK Hotel Amsterdam - MGallery
Hôtel Molitor Paris - MGallery

M like Memorable

From one continent to another the hotels in the MGallery collection share the same DNA: a unique history, an exceptional location and a distinctive design.

 "During the past 10 years, MGallery has expanded to include more than 90 hotels all over the world, each of which is fascinating and unique in its own way, according to Yohan Amiot, Vice-President, MGallery Brand Management. With each new hotel we are looking to to enhance the history of MGallery, as a unique brand. "

Conquering America

In the United States, AccorHotels has just acquired 85 % of the "21c Museum Hotels". A group of 10  hotels all with the same concept based on art as a means of bringing new life to urban and industrial spaces. That was enough to want to integrate these hotels with their distinctive personalities into the MGallery collection.

It also gave the brand the opportunity to make a stylish entry onto American soil as well as opening the way to a successful new decade because 43 new hotels all over the world are planned over the next 3 years.

Already looking forward to the 20th anniversary!