CSR WAAG is now…
RiiSE !
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WAAG is 6 years old and AccorHotels is giving it a fresh boost! Our international network for gender equality and diversity is now called RiiSE. Why the ‘ii’? Because it symbolizes women AND men who are committed to the values of sharing knowledge, of solidarity and of combatting stereotypes.

Riising goes beyond equality—riising is about being better, getting better. To Riise is to not only be equal, but to flourish. To grow. And those powerful notions mirror several of the values that our Group holds dear! 

And a new ambition: “At AccorHotels, we all RiiSE to new heights”. Here’s more. 
It was on October 25 last at the Fairmont Dubai that Sébastien Bazin, CEO AccorHotels unveiled the new name alongside the network’s two ambassadors — Chief Digital Officer Maud Bailly and AccorInvest CEO John Ozinga, as well as Middle East & Africa CEO Mark Willis.

About 100 network members from 30 countries met for the conference in Dubai, in the center of a region where parity and cultural diversity are still very challenging issues in spite of the initiatives to empower women. The delegates spent two days sharing best practices to foster equity across continents, listening to women’s inspiring testimonials about the region and preparing down-to-earth commitments for the network looking at 2019, with the Group executive committee’s uncompromising support.

I’m proud to say that 4 of the 6 CFOs on my team are women. Now it’s up to us to walk the talk.

Jean-Jacques Morin Deputy CEO responsible for Finance, Communications and Strategy

When you hire someone, by all means choose the best man or woman for the job. But always bear in mind that diversity is a strength and all the statistics show that.

Mark Willis CEO Middle East and Africa

This 14,000-member network renamed RiiSE is already active on every continent and is encouraging the men and women in our Group to take action for equality and diversity in the broadest sense of the term. 

Diversity as a key driver of collective performance.

…And that’s RiiSE’s new goal. Diversity, first or all, means parity—including vital support from men, who already account for 42% of the network’s members—to foster a more inclusive workplace for everyone. And it encompasses the broader sense of the term, i.e. the variety of generations and cultural backgrounds within our teams. 

RiiSE also relies on sharing knowledge through a mentoring program, with 900 pairs in some 20 countries in 2018.

We are an international company operating in 100 countries, with an incredible wealth of talent. Diversity is a powerful driver of collective performance: it is important to involve men, women, and managers at the highest level to set an example. Promoting gender diversity is everyone’s duty regardless of their own gender. And RiiSE is here to do this.

Maud Bailly & John Ozinga

RiiSE will also strive to combat stereotypes, everyday sexism, discrimination and sexual harassment, and will pursue the Group’s commitment of combatting pay inequalities, which Sébastien Bazin made to the United Nations’ #HeForShe program in 2015.

At AccorHotels, "we all RiiSE to new heights"!

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