A present for you...
and for the planet!
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With less than 2 weeks to go before Christmas, you still don't know how to spoil your friends and family? Go for a personalized gift that makes sense, and offer a tree!

An ecological and sustainable gift

The tree is full of symbols: life, wisdom, renewal, growth and development... Offering a tree to a loved one is therefore a meaningful gesture! Planting a tree is not only about making you and your family happy, it is also about the planet and farmers: protecting biodiversity, fighting climate change, diversifying farmers' incomes....

From €3, you can plant trees in one of the following 5 countries: Senegal, Romania, Indonesia, Peru and France. Local farmers will take care of everything!

We have planted nearly 6 million trees since 2009, so don't hesitate any longer and join the movement!

1 country, 1 project

With this gesture, you have the opportunity to support local producers by enabling them to implement sustainable agricultural systems.

Among these projects, you will find the Huayabamba project in Peru. Organic and fair trade cocoa producers living along the Huayabamba River who wish to develop new agricultural systems and support the regeneration of damaged  areas.

But also the Kopi Lestari project on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, the country's leading coffee producing island. Production is under serious threat from soil degradation, which is itself closely linked to the island's deforestation. This project aims to support local producers in planting fruit trees in and around their coffee fields in order to promote the recovery of biodiversity.

Your tree in 4 steps:

  • Choose the country in which you want to plant your trees
  • Personalize your order
  • The beneficiary receives a planting certificate in his name
  • Keep track of the project in your account
Ready? Plant!