Design & Technical Services, a key player for our strategy!
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Accor provides its expertise in design and its technical assistance to help create the best customer experience possible. Its know-how is unrivalled in areas as varied as creating innovative and forward-thinking concepts, optimising costs of investments & risks and improving the efficiency of operational design. Some key players at Accor tell you more…

Customer experience has become crucial in the hospitality sector, which is why it is important for Accor to stand out. Our Group prides itself on creating unique living spaces and works to engage local communities with its brands and hotels.

Expertise to support creativity

The Design & Technical Services department supports investors and hotel owners to see their outstanding projects through to completion. By working hand in hand with the best designers, each hotel's specific strategies are developed and the story begins! Our teams are currently working on more than 1,400 construction and renovation projects.

Design is a rich source of creativity and innovation, stirring strong emotions in the spaces it brings to life. Reacting to trends and imaginative leaps, it fills every space with a strong and unique identity all of its own. Thanks to the design teams, our guests can share unique, meaningful and unforgettable moments in our properties.

The Group’s 39 brands are a perfect reflection of this expertise. Each one of our hotels stands out in its own right thanks to its unique design. 

Find out more in interviews with Sébastien Bazin - CEO Accor, Gaurav Bhushan - Global Chief Development Officer, Kingsley Amose - Global Chief Design & Technical Services Officer, Damien Perrot - Global Senior Vice President Design Multibrands and Glenn Huskie - Global Senior Vice President Design & Technical Services Luxury, as they discuss one of the Group’s key departments.

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Accor Design & Technical Services

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