Spinning it at SO/
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From hip hop to house, from techno to trance, the provocative and eclectic music scene at SO/ Hotels & Resorts sets the stage for vibrant parties and exhilarating nights. SO/ attracts a sparkling team of jetsetters, attracted by its playful energy and energetic style. Get to know some of these masters of electronic music and join the elite crew that mixed this season.

SO/Hotels & Resorts is so vivid, expressive and bursting with local energy that even the most adventurous travelers will be fascinated and entertained. The fashionable guests of SO/ are thrilled by the soundscapes and beats of ultra-talented and world-renowned DJs.

SO/ Mauritius


The scene: At the SO/Mauritius, guests chill out at La Plage Restaurant or relax on the beach, noshing on tapas. At nine in the evening, the restaurant transforms into a glamorous tropical nightclub, with DJ Vee’s energetic and intuitive performances creating an emotional connection between the music and the crowd. Meanwhile, in the Takamaka Bar, The Clarisse Sisters perform a stunning cross-over Jazz repertoire, singing in French and English with superb ease and talent.  

The sound: DJ Vee mixes up the best old school 00’s hip hop with sultry R&B.  Vee’s music selection, versatility and mixing style make him a headliner at the largest music events on the island.

SO/ Singapore (Singapore)

The scene: The night is always young at the SO/ Singapore. Guests kick back with a cocktail, take a dip in the pool, or hit the dance floor as the sun goes down. On the last Saturday of every month, the glamorous SO Pool Party features a mix of top local and international DJs, including the legendary Fat Fish Familia. Founder and Artistic Director, Orio Leshem, says, “The last few times I have played at SO/ Singapore it was really fun. I find it really hard to refuse a pool party gig as it is always such a great atmosphere!” 

The sound: Orio and Fat Fish Familia have a talent for setting the night's tone. The sound reflects Orio’s eclectic influences from world sounds of disco-funk, soul, tribal-jungle, coupled with uplifting house music with 70's, 80's, and 90's flavours. With Orio's charisma and contagious energy, he sets an exciting and crowd-pleasing pace. His innate ability to create a raw and authentic vibe with the crowd, while enabling them to feel light-hearted and free, are all part of the Fat Fish Familia magic.

SO/ Auckland (New Zealand)

The scene: Auckland’s hottest sky high rooftop bar is HI-SO at the SO/ Auckland. With private booths, an outdoor terrace and stunning views of the harbour, it’s the place to see and be seen. Under the creative direction of local music producer and DJ Dick Johnson, HI-SO has seen some of the world’s best DJs take to the decks and move the dance floor. “There is no hotel like it and no terrace bar quite like it in New Zealand so it's a real privilege to play there. The vibe is always great whether it's full of people enjoying a sunset cocktail or an up-for-it party crowd.” says Johnson.

The sound: Alongside a brilliant line-up of international and local DJs, DJ Dick Johnson himself steps in to play an eclectic mix of music from nu disco to house, along with the classics. Other favorite recurring local DJs include Murry Sweetpants, Facettes, Grant Marshall, Nigel Love, Hamish & Rangi, and Kadyn Webster. The luxury lounge has also headlined international superstar DJs Netsky, Prok & Fitch, Manuel Delamare, Sachi, and Dan Murphy.

SO/ Vienna (Austria)

The scene:  Local Vienna favorite, DJ Mosaken describes the scene at Das LOFT Club & Bar on the 18th floor of the SO/ Vienna : “As a DJ I am travelling a lot, seeing breathtaking places and attending spectacular parties and events. Playing records at DAS LOFT at SO/ Vienna, however, is not an ordinary job for a DJ. DAS LOFT is the highest dance floor above the rooftops of Vienna, THE hip party hotspot in the city. 

The sound: Everyone is moving at Urban Jungle when DJ Mosaken brings out his muchloved “Best of Hip Hop & RnB” beats. Throughout July, special guest DJs kept the party going, such as appearances by J’aime Julien, Burak Afsar, J. Ronda and Sammogly on Throw Back Fridays; and Fé Vargas, Flo Real and Mauri Q at Dope Music on Saturday nights. Sunday Unplugged Brunch blends grooving beats with tasty treats from the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, The Loft.

So, what kind of atmosphere makes you vibrate?

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