Who will Be The Future Of Hospitality?
3 min

How would you create the most unique F&B experience? What actions can a new hotel brand undertake to embrace a sustainable and eco-friendly experience? What would you suggest a member of our loyalty program with unlimited points to do for the day? 3 questions related to our Group's strategy that potential candidates answered during the 2019 Social Media campaign of "INSPIRE - BE the Future of Hospitality". Discover the results!

To kick off the « INSPIRE – BE the Future of Hospitality », program in 2018, Accor launched an global contest on social networks to give 3 graduates the opportunity to be interviewed to join the program. And the results exceeded all expectations! After only 10 days following the launch of the contest, the campaign garnered more than 3 million impressions on social networks.

Building on the success of this 1st edition, our Talent Acquisition and Social Media teams relaunched the experience in 2019. The objective? Promote the INSPIRE program to the new and upcoming graduates and enhance the attractiveness of our Group as a top employer of choice. For 3 days, candidates were able to unleash their creativity and stand out by answering 3 questions co-created with our Regional INSPIRE Champions from around the world. It was also an opportunity to gather valuable insights for our Group's strategy!

A contest for passionate talent

On November 14th, the 2019 edition was launched with the publication of a teaser announcement video! From November 18th to 21st, the 3 questions were posted on our Facebook Careers, Twitter Careers and LinkedIn accounts:

In the Food & Beverage category

At Accor, every detail of the dining experience is carefully crafted. How would you create the most unique experience for guests? Name 3 features.

In the Sustainability category

You're creating a new hotel brand for Accor, which actions would you suggest to embrace a sustainable and eco-friendly experience?

In the Augmented Hospitality category

Your guest has unlimited points on the soon to be launched ALL – Accor Live Limitless Lifestyle Loyalty program. What would you suggest them to do for the day?

The campaign generated more than 7.1 million impressions on social networks, twice as many as the previous year! Our teams collected more than 500 responses and recorded nearly 180K engagements.

Tomorrow's leaders rewarded

Among the entries that met the contest's eligibility criteria (eligibility for the program, answering 3 questions in English within the time frame set, recent or future graduate), our teams selected the 3 grand prize winners based on the creativity of their answers, their alignment with Accor's vision and the development of their recommendations.

The 3 winners of the 2019 edition are:

  • Maël Marie-Joseph, student at the ESSEC Business School (France)
  • Madeline Ouellette, recently graduated from Brock University (Canada)
  • Sanjitha K., student at the Institute of Hotel Management (India)

These hospitality enthusiasts have therefore been selected for an interview with the Global INSPIRE Champions for consideration for opportunities in the program. As a bonus, they will also receive a "Back to School" kit composed of Accor goodies, as well as the book "Service included" by Amir Nahai, CEO Food & Beverage and Lifestyle of our Group - enough to feed their passion for hospitality and catering!


Congratulations to our teams for these impressive results and this campaign that reinforces Accor's image as an employer of choice for new talent!

You too want to join the INSPIRE program? Go to careers.accor.com to discover all the INSPIRE opportunities across the world!