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Amir Nahai, CEO Food & Beverage & Lifestyle at Accor, looks back on the many F&B initiatives of our teams around the world from the Refettorio Paris solidarity restaurant.

Accor's hotels and partners all over the world put their F&B know-how to support frontliners since the outbreak of COVID-19. Our teams have also joined forces with Refettorio Paris, restaurant located in the crypts of the Madeleine Church, supported by our Solidarity Accor endowment fund since 2018, to serve meals to people who have been branded as social outcasts (refugees, homeless people etc.).

Today, Amir Nahai, CEO Food & Beverage & Lifestyle Brands, thanks all the teams involved over the past weeks in numerous F&B initiatives in Paris and worldwide.

We appreciate everything you do, massively. It makes a huge difference.

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