Strategy Shifting Mindsets: Life Through a New Lens And What It Means for Hospitality 

Our sentiment about life has shifted significantly over the past few years. We are seeing new attitudes impacting everything from living situations and well-being to community and consumption. People have taken time out and a step back, to determine what works best for them moving forward. And as they focus on what they really need to be happy and healthy, incorporating the importance of community in their personal needs, they bring our society to shift. And this way, individuals’ changes become a collective transforming force. And its impact is having a significant influence on nearly every aspect of society and business.

Recognizing The Nuances in Changes and The Takeouts For Hospitality

While these shifting mindsets might seem sudden, they have been brewing beneath the surface. The COVID time out propelled these changes forward a bit faster than they might have normally evolved, but the underlying desire for change was still there.

Those of us doing business in the hospitality industry need to recognize these attitude changes do indeed impact us as we look to welcome guests into our hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas and more. Individuals are no longer the same they once were. How does it impact our activities? How do we build opportunities on those changes?

Exploring shifts in individual convictions and behavior, we looked at how people are addressing their own individual needs and desires, but are also considering how they can fit into and be an integral part of their community and collective - how people manage to apply their personal rhythm to remote work and society solicitations, how their connection to community does not stop them from travelling and discovering abroad. We are seeing well-being becoming one of their main demands, well beyond its physical aspect, and juggling with ethics and convenience as they envisage new purchases.  

These transformations are not without conflicting beliefs as they can point in diametrically opposing directions or present nuances which may be challenging to navigate, but can enrich and help refine the paths forward. 
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For example, when we examine how people want to fit in the world, in a recent Accor consumer study conducted across 7 countries, we see that 60% of travelers state that “I like to do what I want, when I want”*, putting their vision first. Yet, they also want to acknowledge the importance of quality relationship with others, listed as the N°1 factor for happiness and health in a study conducted by Harvard.**

The good news is seemingly opposite viewpoints actually offer new routes for innovation in services and experiences and can be leveraged into exciting opportunities to innovate, collaborate, and successfully drive business.

We invited educator and leading hospitality expert Dr. Lalia Rach, together with Tom Goodwin, author and specialist in innovation, to share their perspectives on people’s new mindsets and on how this could impact hospitality today. Read their full contribution here.

Exploring 4 Key Trends For Hospitality

We have identified four key areas, substantially impacted through those mindset shifts, exploring how they translate into key trends directly connected to hospitality, with insights and potential for our industry.
We take a closer look at those 4 trends shaping opportunities in hospitality

*Study conducted by Accor in 2022 among 15,000+ travelers in 7 countries
**Harvard Study of Adult Development – conducted since 1938 and still going on