Talent & Culture Creating a More Attractive and Engaging Workplace to Meet Emerging Talent Expectations

The workplace mindset has shifted — particularly as it relates to the new generation. In order to maintain the attractiveness of our industry, inspire young Talent to choose a hospitality career and foster deeply engaged team members, we have the opportunity to give them voice and fulfill their aspirations.

In line with our commitment to offering enriching career paths and nurturing Talent growth, we discussed expectations and career choices with students from three of our partner schools around the world: EHL Hospitality Business School in Switzerland, Shanghai Business School in China, and Queenstown Resort College in New Zealand. This important feedback enabled us to gain insights into the career aspirations of individuals about to join the hospitality industry. It also allowed us to identify opportunities to fulfill these needs in order to attract team members wanting to grow and expand their roles within the organization and the sector for the long term. Their responses also confirmed the changing beliefs, priorities and insights we had already identified in our 'Hospitality Ahead' report published earlier this year.

Unlocking the Workplace Mindset: Dive into Emerging Talent Expectations

The Evolution of the Talent Mindset: A Search for Meaning and Fulfillment

Talent expectations have evolved significantly. In recent years they have developed deeper personal insights to determine what really matters to them not just in a job, but in life as well. As a result, individuals are placing strong emphasis on their own vitality and therefore how they see a career has also shifted. In order for them to commit to joining or staying in the workforce, they prioritize certain key elements including a significant desire for a greater work/life balance so they have the time to pursue other interests which are meaningful to them, but also feel appreciated in the workplace and offered valued growth opportunities to flourish in their future careers.

I would like to work for a company which offers a system of staff care so I will feel appreciated while I am working. This company should provide a lot of learning opportunities for me so I can improve my skills and learn something from this work.

Arya Li, 21 years old Shanghai Business School, China

Providing Opportunities to Realize Purpose: Sparking Deeper Emotions

Years ago, one’s life’s purpose certainly wasn’t something talked about during annual job reviews. Yet today’s Talent wants to connect to deeper emotions as they go about their daily work. The hospitality industry is particularly appealing as it allows team members to feel a personal sense of fulfillment in welcoming guests from all over the world and making sure they feel comfortable and satisfied with their hotel experience. Helping Talent to recognize they made a difference in someone’s day, reframing the way they view their job, and showing them the important role they play in the guest experience is often a key to realizing purpose, feeling fulfilled, and wanting to stay at a job.

My future job in hospitality should bring me a sense of purpose focused on creating experiences, forging relationships, gaining knowledge, collecting memories, and enhancing my personal portfolio. These elements collectively enrich my professional journey and make it more fulfilling.

Ti’a Armstrong, 19 years old Queenstown Resort College, New Zealand

Connecting with Themselves: Enabling Opportunities for Self-Expression

Significant developments have been made in the areas of diversity and inclusion, but Talent seeks more on an individual level. Embracing self-expression is now of paramount importance as team members are drawn to companies which celebrate their individuality and encourage them to be who they are or put their own spin on a service experience. From enabling someone to adapt the dress code to being their authentic selves, Talent feel more appreciated and satisfied when they can express themselves, and this results in a more positive guest interaction.

The most important criteria for me in choosing a place to work is having fun and enjoying what I am doing. I want to go to work with a smile on my face and leave work with a smile on my face. For my first job I want to be happy. I want to go to work — which is not really work — but it’s my life.

Julius Reiss, 23 years old EHL Hospitality Business School, Switzerland

Sharing Their Values: Talent Seek Companies Who Prioritize Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability are growing in importance in society as a whole. Therefore it should be no surprise that Talent also has an interest in protecting people and planet and seek opportunities to work with companies who prioritize these initiatives. Involving team members in the company’s environmental or social efforts — or inviting them to launch a project which reflects its commitment to making a positive impact — helps them find purpose and live their beliefs.

I would definitely love to work for a company which is a frontrunner in the industry. Hospitality is always changing and I'd rather be learning from a company setting those trends than just simply following them. I would like a company which values inclusivity, diversity and sustainability with its team.

Cinzia Torriani, 19 years old EHL Hospitality Business School, Switzerland

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