Brands Handwritten Collection celebrates its first anniversary with a dozen fascinating and heart-warming hotels

Amid a global boom in boutique hotels, handwritten collection aims to open around 25 new properties in 2024 and beyond.

Handwritten Collection, a midscale collection brand of Accor, celebrates its first anniversary in January 2024, with a burgeoning roster of charming and diverse hotels around the world. The brand first launched in January 2023, with the purpose of bringing together small to mid-size hotels that authentically reflect the character and warmth of the people who love and look after them.

Since then, Handwritten Collection has opened 12 curated hotels in the space of just 12 months. With around 25 hotels in the pipeline to open in 2024 and beyond and over 150 projects and leads under active investigation, Handwritten Collection is becoming one of the fastest-growing midscale collection brands in the world.

Much like a handwritten note, the signature style of each host at a Handwritten Collection hotel is what guests remember and what really sets the brand apart. This resonates strongly with travelers who are eager to experience their destinations more fully. Handwritten Collection taps into a growing desire for unique hotels with charm and personality, while delivering the assurance of Accor’s high standards of hospitality and globally renowned membership benefits.

James Wheatcroft Global SVP Midscale Brands, Accor

The hoteliers, or hosts, of the Handwritten Collection are passionate people who welcome guests into their world. The personal touches that each host shares with guests reflect their tastes, interests, and little quirks of their personalities. Guests discover these touchpoints at various moments throughout their stay. A culinary specialty, a unique cocktail, a design motif, or the welcome of a friendly pet – these are just a few of the ways Handwritten Collection hotels express the personal traits and passions of their hosts.

We designed Handwritten Collection to support the growing number of independent hotels in the midscale segment who are keen to leverage the powerful benefits of a leading global hotel group, while retaining the unique character they have curated. We are very pleased with the extremely positive response to Handwritten Collection from owners and partners in our first year, and we look forward to exploring many more new opportunities for Handwritten Collection across global markets, with high expectations for a fresh round of hotel signings in 2024.

Camil Yazbeck Global Chief Development Officer, Premium, Midscale & Economy, Accor

Collection brand hotels are proliferating around the world at a rate of 25% a year, with one of the highest growth rates in the industry today. The data supports the ambitious growth plan of Handwritten Collection.

Here is the Handwritten Collection's current portfolio

Hotel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental, China

Close to Sheshan National Park, Hotel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental – Handwritten Collection (China) reflects its host’s passion for seas and oceans around the globe. Built in the Mediterranean style and boasting a large tropical landscape, the hotel is surrounded by a 4,400 sqm outdoor beach and swimming pool, including a kid’s pool to satisfy all age needs to get immersed in the seaside vibe. 

Finally, the host’s passion will also be present at the bar with a Signature cocktail - The Seawater Martini, a salty alternative to the traditional dirty martini.

Hotel Faber Park, Singapore

At The Hotel Faber Park Singapore – Handwritten Collection (Singapore), guests experience the elegance and history of a bygone era. Through its architecture and design, the hotel tells the story of Mount Faber Park, one of the oldest parks in Singapore. In 1845, the park’s namesake, Captain Charles Edward Faber of the Madras Engineers, built a winding road to the summit to install a signal station.

The hotel’s design and layout are inspired by Captain Faber’s intrepid path through the rolling foothills. Surrounded by lush green parkland and featuring spectacular vistas of the city and harbor, guests will feel at ease among the sense of history and devotion to nature at this special place.

Saint Gervais Hotel & Spa, France

Designed as a chic and arty holiday home, Saint Gervais Hotel & Spa – Handwritten Collection (France) feels like a getaway to Turkey, thanks to the host’s passion for Ottoman culture. Guests arrive to the sound of oriental music and a welcome ritual with Turkish eau de cologne. Spa treatments are infused with rosewater and orange blossom extracts, while a library corner in the lobby offers books for a deep dive in Turkish history.

Fresh daily breakfasts are prepared with some of the owner’s favorite ingredients, such as börek, feta, olives, parsley and tomatoes. Turkish coffee and tea are available throughout the day, with Turkish inspired cocktails in the evening, made with raki liquor and pomegranate syrup.  

Hotel Morris Sydney, Australia

Residing within a historic Italian Renaissance styled building, Hotel Morris Sydney – Handwritten Collection (Australia) is a rare example of the renowned Inter-War Palazzo style by architect, Virgil Dante Cizzio. The hotel has found new life as a boutique hotel with an evocative bar - poised like dusk, between old and new, light and dark, Italian design and Australian influence.

Each venue represents a distinct but interlinked story and to move between the bar and hotel is to experience a transition in mood and design. Touchpoints of the host’s penchant for Italian culture include a refreshing Italian drink on arrival, a ‘Bar Morris bill ritual’ of dice for a chance at a complimentary Amaro nightcap, and a deck of ‘scopa’ playing cards placed in-room.

Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket, Thailand

The hosts of Andaman Beach Hotel Phuket - Handwritten Collection (Thailand) strive to create moments of connection for guests through a passion for world travel. Guests are offered welcome drinks and sweets inspired by either Phuket or the different destinations that hotel team members have explored. Guests are also invited to enjoy a reading corner in the lobby at their leisure, where they will find a series of travel books with bookmarks recounting the host's own travel experiences.

Each guestroom is uniquely designed, although they all feature a thoughtfully placed local guidebook, curated by the host, with recommendations for special encounters with local artisans throughout Phuket.

Splendid Hotel Lac d’Annecy, France

Splendid Hotel Lac d’Annecy – Handwritten Collection (France) celebrates its host’s passion for Art Deco design.  The hotel is the work of renowned designer Thierry D’Istria, who introduced a series of Art Deco motifs to the hotel’s architecture and interiors, then layered in elements of 1950s modernity.

A carefully curated selection of Art Deco pieces, artwork, sculptures and vintage pieces add a touch of whimsy to the guest experience, while the hotel’s restaurant is done up in true Art Deco style. At the bar, guests are invited to choose from a list of both creative and classic cocktails, including the host’s favorite, the Cosmopolitan.

Relais San Martino Salento, Italy

At the coastal Relais San Martino Salento – Handwritten Collection (Italy), the owner's fascination with the sea is a recurring motif throughout the hotel. From the glittering glass spheres in the hotel’s décor, to marine-based wellness treatments, seawater guestroom amenities, sea inspired cocktails and a restaurant menu designed around seawater – guests will feel immersed in the beachy, oceanic vibe.

Once they are fully inspired to go for a dip, guests are invited to go wild swimming at the nearby beach, or enjoy the enchanting wellness area, featuring an outdoor pool, whirlpool, fitness boutique, and a meditation citrus grove.

Oru Hub Hotel Tallinn, Estonia

At Oru Hub Hotel Tallinn – Handwritten Collection Tallinn (Estonia) the hotelier shares a passion for traveling from the moment guests arrive, with the feel of stepping into a photo collage. Estonian design agency Velvet and the interior architecture studio Aeris created an award-winning design for the hotel, with a balance of relaxing and social spaces, including a workshop and a yoga room.

Images from the host’s favorite travel moments feature throughout the hotel. These photos are also used to create postcards which guests can mail to friends from the hotel mailbox, and are bound as a photobook that includes anecdotes from the host’s travels.

The Crown Kraków, Poland

The Crown Kraków – Handwritten Collection (Poland) is a historic site that has been revived by hoteliers with a passion for Polish art and a vision to marry the artistic and utilitarian ambitions of the Art Deco movement with the comforts of modern hospitality. The hotel is decorated with the works of the hosts’ favorite contemporary artists: painter Jacek Hazuka and sculptor Adam Myjak. Postcards and a monograph of their works are available to guests.

Social events are often held with Polish artists in the bar – best enjoyed while sipping the hotel’s signature Belvedere vodka cocktail, a vibrant concoction inspired by the colorful work of artist Leon Tarasiewicz.

Wonil Hotel Perth, Australia

Wonil Hotel Perth - Handwritten Collection (Australia) is a beautifully designed and picturesque hotel that radiates a sophisticated allure through its carefully curated interiors. The host, a director of the Forrest Research Foundation, shares his passion for knowledge and higher learning throughout the hotel.  The welcome letter to guests sets the tone, detailing fun facts about research projects happening in the area.

With a focus on conservation and environmentally sustainable design, the hotel is named after the wonil - the Noongar name for ‘peppermint tree’, which grows on the riverbank where the hotel resides. Peppermint-infused cookies in each guestroom create a delightful association and sensory experience of the region.

Les Capitouls Toulouse Centre, France

Fans of the 1970s-1980s Manchester music scene will find their vibe at Les Capitouls Toulouse Centre – Handwritten Collection (France). The pink brick townhouse features an inviting English-inspired decor and a steady stream of British New Wave. Guests are invited to enjoy English beers or cocktails under the glass roof of the Wilson bar, surrounded by posters, audio cassettes and memorabilia depicting the legendary era of Hacienda and Factory Records.

Guestrooms feature record players and vinyl records for an authentic listening experience of the music that shaped a generation. Breakfast is also a hit at this comfy spot, with homemade dishes and a special « after concert » energizing shot.

Number 11 St. Julian’s, Malta

Number 11, St. Julian’s Malta – Handwritten Collection (Malta) is a civilized, adults-only hotel where guests embark on a sensory journey, inspired by the host’s passion for the Mediterranean islands. Guests are greeted with a refreshing and herbaceous alcohol-free cocktail upon arrival, ideally enjoyed at the hotel’s rooftop lounge and pool while gazing across the sea. Breakfast includes a selection of Mediterranean specialties, while local favorite, Hammett’s Mestizo, serves up delicious shareable plates throughout the day and evening.

The hotel is perfectly located in a fashionable district, surrounded by vibrant clubs, fabulous shopping, and a cosmopolitan experience of this unique Mediterranean region.
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