The Open House, a new kind of hospitality.


A bubbling living space, a house open to everybody, designed to meet the expectations of people in tune with their time  and anyone who loves  sharing, spontaneity and experiences. Welcome to JO&JOE!

  • 2 Open Houses

  • 283 rooms

  • 516 Rooms in the pipeline

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A living and gathering space

JO&JOE really is a living space, an place that's surprising and innovative.  You go there to make the most of life, whether you are coming in from around the corner or arriving from the other side of the world, come as you are and join the party.

JO&JOE Is the place for anyone longing for an experience that takes them off the beaten track, where personalities and tribes whose paths don’t usually cross can mingle freely, a place with local flavor where everyone is able to live their mood, pursue their needs and fulfill their desires.

Innovative accommodation

Whether traveling solo, as a pair, with friends or as a group, everyone can find something to suit their needs – from twin room to shared/private dorms but also cabins.  

“HAPPY HOUSE”  - A private area for travelers 

Communal areas for interacting, relaxing or working. Guests can move freely and live at their own pace in a relaxed environment: Chatting, reading, working, playing or connecting as they wish, and interacting casually with the JO&JOE team.


A trendy, interconnected space, always with an outside area, be it a garden, a rooftop or a community vegetable patch. This is a space where travelers and neighbors can meet up, with plenty of opportunity to eat, drink and participate in events. 


As the name implies, “Out Of the Ordinary” means unexpected accommodation. Great whether you're traveling alone or in a group, they can accommodate up to six people. Different at each JO&JOE address, these original formats (including yurts, hammocks, caravans etc.) will guarantee you unforgettable nights.


An F&B offer based on sharing and interaction

The bar & restaurant a the heart of the experience - At JO&JOE, guests have the benefit of a rather unconventional catering & events proposition. 



This appealing venue, with its unique design, high visibility and choice location, encourages local residents to join guests in enjoying a wide range of drinks.  Each bar offers flagship products: wine, beer or cocktails, from an unusual selection promoting local and craft-produced beverages.


The JO&JOE food and beverage offer  is simple, affordable yet tasty.  Great quality, without the frills! 
The brand offers several simple and authentic food concepts to warm the atmosphere: a grill, “open flame” barbecue, wok or real traditional wood-fired pizzas. All you need to treat yourself in a warm and friendly setting. 


Permanent line up and unexpected experiences. Buzzing both day and night, the atmosphere evolves as the sun moves through the sky.

Network and growth targets : 

JO&JOE aims to expand at international level. Over the next few years, the brand is going to set up home in the biggest cities in the world, in the most vibrant areas, very close to public transport and within easy reach of the main points of interest. After the opening of its second Open House in Paris-Gentilly, new ones will soon follow in Paris (Nation district),Rome, London, Vienna, Moscow, Medellin, Budapest, Glasgow, Rio de Janeiro, Liverpool.

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