The Open House, a new kind of hospitality.




A bubbling living space, an open house welcoming the outside world, designed to meet the expectations of Millennials and anyone who embraces their attitude to sharing, spontaneity and experience. Welcome to JO&JOE… coming in your favorite destinations from 2018!

  • 2018 first openings

  • 50 addresses by 2020

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A living and gathering space

JO&JOE really is a living space, an “Open House” that's surprising and innovative.  You go there to make the most of life, whether you're a “Townster” (local resident) or “Tripster” (an explorer from out of town).

The concept has been tailor-made to facilitate interaction and foster “good life together” within indoor and outdoor communal spaces. Townsters and Tripsters themselves contribute to life at the address: they naturally keep it lively and buzzing. 

Innovative accommodation

JO&JOE's disruptive approach does not end there: the brand also makes sure to offer innovative forms of accommodation. Whether traveling alone, as a pair, in a family or as a group, everyone can find something to suit them. 

A private area for Tripsters.  Where they can relax, work, cook or even do their laundry. Yes, indeed, it feels just like home.

An ingenious shared modular sleeping area. Of course, everyone retains their privacy and benefits from spacious beds, secure lockers, a reading light and USB sockets to stay connected. 

Rooms and/or apartments for two to five people, with a private bathroom and, depending on the format, a kitchen area. Ideal for small groups and families. The originally shaped and extremely comfortable beds will not fail to delight and surprise you. 

As the name implies, “Out Of the Ordinary” means unexpected accommodation. Great whether you're traveling alone or in a group, they can accommodate up to six people. Different at each JO&JOE address, these original formats (including yurts, hammocks, caravans etc.) will guarantee you unforgettable nights.

An F&B offer based on sharing and interaction

At JO&JOE, guests have the benefit of a rather unconventional catering proposition.  The catering areas encourage discussion and sharing of simple, healthy tastes. 


This appealing venue, with its unique design, high visibility and choice location, encourages local residents to join guests in enjoying a wide range of drinks.  Each bar offers flagship products: wine, beer or cocktails, from an unusual selection promoting local and craft-produced beverages.


The JO&JOE F&B range includes local yet affordable artisanal fare.  Great quality, without the frills! The brand offers several simple and authentic food concepts to warm the atmosphere: a grill, “open flame” barbecue, wok or real traditional wood-fired pizzas. All you need to treat yourself in a warm and friendly setting. 


JO&JOE invites guests staying there to demonstrate their culinary talents, sharing their best recipes... Anyone wanting to keep their budget under control can cook dishes there, just for themselves or even for an entire tribe. And for those wanting to perfect their technique, cookery classes and competitions await them at JO&JOE.

Network and growth targets

JO&JOE aims to expand at international level. Over the next few years, the brand is going to set up home in the biggest cities in the world, in the most vibrant areas, very close to public transport and within easy reach of the main points of interest. After the opening of its second Open House in Paris-Gentilly, new ones will soon follow in London, Budapest, Glasgow, Paris (Nation district), Rio de Janeiro and Rome.