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Since 2006 the comfy sofas at The Hoxton have been the unofficial workspace of choice. So, after years of welcoming laptoppers into the lobbies it made sense to take everything we’d learned, step it up a level and launch a co-working space. The idea was simple – offer a place with all the best bits of The Hoxton’s lobbies with a few more work-friendly factors and office features, for a relaxed workspace that feels like home.

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Updated figures as of December 31, 2023

Working From_ echoes The Hoxton’s transparent, no-rip-off policy, providing great value and flexible membership options and plenty of great perks. Knowing that jobs come in all shapes and sizes, Working From_ is open 24/7, and offers a range of membership tiers with honest pricing and no nasty surprises. There’s an option for everyone — whether that's a a space for the day, a new basecamp for your budding business, or somewhere to burn the midnight oil for your side-hustle. Guest passes, printing and meeting rooms come at no extra charge, and members can enjoy a weekly events programme, daily wellness classes run by local partners, and the occasional Duvet Day on the house.

All floors have communal kitchens and relaxed breakout areas, to keep the vibe collaborative. The design caters to all working styles and moods: library desks and ergonomic chairs suit the the more traditional, whilst cosy corners and day beds are good for those to like to sit soft and keep it casual. Our spaces are flooded with natural light, books and plenty of greenery to help boost that creative flow and keep our spaces as places you actually want to work in.

You'll currently find us hugging the banks of the River Thames in Southwark, London or in the heart of Chicago's creative Fulton Market district. Both in easy distance from local public transport but most importantly plenty of restaurants and bars to get your lunchbreak and post work drink fixes!

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