Nothing looks less like a 25hours hotel than another 25hours hotel.




This unique hotel concept provides contemporary answers to the cosmopolitan urban traveler's needs, through a range of services offered with great charm and personality. Each of its addresses takes its authenticity from a unique character, with its own story and forged in a particular style. This unique brand is already present in all the largest cities in Germany as well as Zurich, Vienna and Paris and will soon make its arrival in Dubai, Florence and Copenhagen. Get ready.

  • 9 cities

  • 13 hotels

  • 12 cities by 2021

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Real place, real people.

Sébastien Bazin Chairman and CEO of Accor

This alliance came about from a strong attraction for these uniquely individual, design-oriented boutique hotels that offer a great workplace for urban nomads and an ideal spot for exploring and immersing yourself in cosmopolitan cities. Through this partnership, Accor is increasing the range it offers in one of the most dynamic segments in the industry and going one step further towards becoming a leader in lifestyle hotels.

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