Innovation & Transformation

Our passion for customers has made us a leader in our sector. Today, our Group is transforming from the inside to devise tomorrow's hospitality.

This powerful ambition drives each of our talents every day. They are the actors of our change. Their creativity makes us agile. Their bold and action tacking spirit is our strength.

The challenges of a pioneer

Surprise the market, devise new models and seek out undiscovered sources of value: as a leader, our Group has been reinventing its business to keep pace with the world that surrounds it for more than 40 years. In a sector undergoing far-reaching changes, we need to remain agile, continually question our convictions, anticipate tomorrow's needs and unite to innovate in our passion for customers. More than just an evolution, this is a powerful cultural transformation that we want you to discover.

All of our talents are architects of our success. That's why we value the different, personal and innovative perspective that each of them can bring to our business.

Unleashing creativity

We support our talents every day to unleash their boldness, foster independence and create a stronger climate of collaboration. Every talent needs to be able to express their ideas, take the risk of making mistakes and excel in order to help create value. The very practical drive to achieve this involves measures designed to break down the barriers of leadership and, importantly, learning to work together intelligently, powered by collective efforts. At our new international head office in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France, which embodies our transformation, we have for example opened up the work spaces: comfortable, fun and designed collaboratively, they foster interaction, agility and imagination. Our internal social network, Yammer, also creates a more fluid flow of information and turns our staff into an active, engaged community that creates groups, shares news and feels connected. 

Portrait of citation-arantxa-balson Arantxa Balson Group Talent & Culture Director

We encourage each of our talents to be proactive in transforming the Group. When individuals progress, the entire organisation becomes focused on change.

Think beyond the common codes

We want the very best for our guests. This passion for customers, which defines our business as a hotel Group, drives us to scale new heights to satisfy them. To achieve this, our Group plans to unite its strengths to pursue one challenge: openness - the quest for new opportunities and uncovering new habits. By breaking free from traditional management methods, Accor is shattering conventions and fostering intergenerational dialogue by creating a Shadow Comex aged under 35. These generation Y staff members address the same issues as the executive committee and embody the modernity of our vision of leadership.

Portrait of citation-sebastien-bazin Sébastien Bazin Chairman and CEO of Accor

The role of a leader? Driving his employees towards new horizons.