Learning & Development

Dare to achieve your ambitions, we'll be by your side to develop your talents.

One man chef smiling cutting colorful fresh vegetables in the kitchen two cooks walking behind him

One man chef smiling cutting colorful fresh vegetables in the kitchen two cooks walking behind him

Because our employees have been imbued with the Accor sense of service, they're able to offer our customers fantastic experiences. We've been conveying this sense of service for the last 30 years, training and developing our talents to ensure they continue learning and evolving throughout their career with us.

Lifelong learning 

"Everyone at Accor has opportunities for lifelong learning. Everyone feels valued." 
That's our promise to our talents. We aim to give every one of them the means to be independent and continually learn in order to constantly improve their skills and be able to quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment. This prompted us to launch our new Learning & Development strategy in 2015. Inclusive and attractive for every generation, it is designed to support the global and local strategic priorities.


* Everyone at Accor has opportunities for lifelong learning. Everyone feels valued.

The Accor Académie

Our new Learning & Development strategy draws in particular on the Accor Académie, our corporate university dedicated to service, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015. At the AccorAcadémies' 18 campuses, we provide training to all Accor employees. Regardless of their profession, level of training, role or tenure, our talents receive training in excellence that is always at the cutting edge of teaching and technological innovation. Agile, we even open ephemeral campuses to train our recruits, in countries with few or no hotel schools. The Académie also enables us to support our rate of growth in different regions. Discover the Accor Académie key figures now! 

  • 18 Académies

  • 75 beneficiary countries

  • +250 training modules offered

  • +3 million hours of training in 2017

  • 94% of employees trained

2.0 employees  

Our digital plan is completely transforming how our 250,000 employees work. That's why one of its aspects, "Employee Friendly", is entirely dedicated to them.

Digital Deployment Days

The digital transformation serves customers, but also our teams first and foremost! Since 2015, Accor has set up 40 Digital Deployment Days to discuss and share ideas with hotel managers and their teams to bring them fully on board with the digital revolution that's in progress.

  • 124 days of sharing and discussing

  • 4,000 participating employees

  • 4,000 employees championing concepts in hotels

  • 23 digital projects and tools presented


In another major initiative, Accor set up its own internal social network in October 2015, called Yammer. Simple, intuitive and accessible via a mobile app, Yammer turns our employees into an active community that creates groups, shares news and best practices, and feels acknowledged and connected. 


With Digital Learning, our employees can learn everywhere, all the time by new learning objects as infographics, videos, quiz, short e-learning modules or virtual classrooms. They can also contribute to the enrichment of the collective knowledge by connecting with other colleagues to share their expertise, learn from each other and discuss about their experiences. 

For example, to enhance Accor digital culture, Digit’all is a mobile web-based learning solution that establishes a common base of digital knowledge for everyone in the Accor family to understand how digital is transforming our industry. 



Powerful gateways between professions

Because happy employees mean happy customers, we do everything in our power to foster their well-being and offer them significant career development opportunities internationally.

Our Pass Careers allow our employees to develop and train internally in careers suited to their objectives, profiles and projects. 

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