Our values

The hospitality of tomorrow is rooted in human values.

Our passion? Service and achievement beyond limits. Our promise? Recognise each person's value, the talent they bring to the group and to make them a proactive part of their own development.

More curious, more connected and more assertive in their choices and experiences, our customers aspire to more authenticity, simplicity and emotion.

Discover the Accor Talent movie "Live From The Heart", which reflects the Group's values and philosophy...

Hospitality built on deep-rooted values

Our success has been built on strong values, human values. The hospitality of tomorrow, as we see it, is rooted in a unique combination of extraordinary experiences, high performance solutions and strong human values. They make our actions meaningful, guide our everyday activities and serve as our shared language. 

Today, they support the cultural transformation of our Group in the service of a strong ambition that enables all our employees to feel valued, to grow and to innovate in the service of our customers.

We’re always looking ahead

We challenge ourselves to reinvent, innovate and create what’s new and next.  We're ambitious for our customers. We make the impossible possible to make their dreams a reality.

We place people at the heart of what we do

A value rooted in our company culture: Heartists® - a culture of inclusion, care and acceptance!  We value our Talents because they are the greatest strength of our Group. We are proud of our differences. We bring our sincere passion for service and care to everything we do.  The goal is to make everyone a proactive agent in their own growth and free to act independently so they can inspire and be inspired. Make your profession a passion.

We are refined

We obsess over the smallest detail. We have sophisticated tastes while remaining accessible to all.  

We stand by our commitments

We say what we do and we do what we say. We're attentive to the outside world, to other people. We are dedicated and resolute to act for the greater good. We aim to build a momentum of creation and positive value for as many people as possible, over the long term.