Our values

We do not talk about ‘Human Resources’ anymore; now it's Talent & Culture! Accor is pursuing its drive to ensure its staff blossom and to introduce a new way of working together.

Our promise is to recognise each person's value, the talent they bring to the group and to make them a proactive part of their own development.

Our customers inspire us

More curious, more connected and more assertive in their choices and experiences, our customers aspire to more authenticity and emotion. Interactions, smiles and laughter in the reception, in the corridors and restaurant… This is where it all happens, this is where our employees really make the Feel Welcome spirit a reality.

Hospitality built on deep-rooted values

Our success has been built on strong values, which make our actions meaningful, guide our everyday activities and serve as our shared language. Faithful to our 50 years of history and in line with our new Feel Welcome promise, our values evolved in 2015.

We redefined our traditional values - Innovation, Spirit of Conquest, Respect, Trust - and formulated two new values: Guest Passion, which reasserts our passion for hospitality and the strength of our humanist roots, and Sustainable Performance, which reminds us that we are part of a community, driven by a vision that does not take the short-term view, and that our business growth must also benefit the community at large over the long term.

To support our transformation, we have also guided our leadership approach towards a model in which every individual strives to achieve success for all, acts as an entrepreneur and works collaboratively.


Hospitality is our profession; the pleasure of pleasing customers our driving force.


We aim to build a momentum of creation and positive value for as many people as possible, over the long term.

Spirit of Conquest

Our customers are globetrotters, and so are we. We explore, we endeavour and we develop. We're ambitious for our customers. We make the impossible possible.


We do our utmost to make our customers' dreams a reality. We dream it, we achieve it and they love it. We're curious, we're open to new ideas, we reinvent ourselves and we claim the freedom to experiment and create.


We aim to support and value every individual. We keep our promises. We say what we do and we do what we say.


We're attentive to the outside world, to other people. We like a blend of cultures. We're proud of our differences. We view every human being as a valuable addition. We care for the planet.

Valuing our talents

The promise made to our guests, Feel Welcome, is the counterpart of the promise we make to our employees: Feel Valued. By valuing our talents we instil progress in the individual and, at the same time, the community. The goal is to make everyone a proactive agent in their own growth and free to act independently so they can inspire and be inspired. Make your profession a passion.

In tune with our employees

To meet our talents' expectations as effectively as possible and measure the benefits of our cultural transformation, the Group listens to what they have to say. Since 2015, a global engagement survey of our employees has been conducted every year. Opinions are collected in 33 languages and 87 countries: our talents are invited to answer a variety of questions about their wellness in the Group, their uptake of our values, equal opportunities at Accor, etc. We place enormous value on their input, which enables us every year to build a targeted action plan and strengthen the engagement of all our talents.