Recruitment policy

At Accor, our recruitment rationale primarily focuses on talent and personality.

Every year, we welcome to our teams thousands of talents seeking new challenges. Based on respect, diversity and equal opportunities, our recruitment policy is committed to ensuring every individual blossoms.

To attract and recruit the best talents, our website Accor Careers now acts as the hub of a powerful digital ecosystem.

Our talent acquisition approach respects the ethical commitments established by our Group, to ensure transparency, equity and respect, and the compliance with local legislation.  

  • All positions must have an approved job advertisement that describes key duties and responsibilities. Vacancies should always be communicated internally before external publication. 
  • Must be based on objective criteria and recruitment decisions must not be based on discriminatory grounds.
  • Recruitment Interviews may can be scheduled in person or via digital solutions (e.g. Skype)
  • All applications will be answered as soon as reasonably possible. 

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