Recruitment policy

At Accor, our recruitment rationale primarily focuses on talents and personalities.

Two women sitting on blue chairs laughing drinking cup of tea in front of sunny windows

Two women sitting on blue chairs laughing drinking cup of tea in front of sunny windows

Every year, we welcome to our teams thousands of talents seeking new challenges. Based on respect, diversity and equal opportunities, our recruitment policy is committed to ensuring every individual blossoms.

To attract and recruit the best talents, our website Accor Careers now acts as the hub of a powerful digital ecosystem.

In 2015, the dynamic created by our change of name, the announcement of our strategic projects and a strong employer brand strategy led to a surge in the number of visitors - reaching more than 8 millions of visitors per year. Our social media presence was further strengthened by the sharing of our news on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which showcased the Group and its cultural transformation.

We continued to innovate by becoming a partner of Indeed, the world's number one job search site, by obtaining tools such as EasyRECrue (a video interview system) and by testing new recruitment approaches.

Reflecting the Talent & Culture strategy driven by Arantxa Balson, numerous recruitment initiatives involving casting sessions or dedicated events are emerging. Accor is rolling out a host of original initiatives to uncover unique and passionate personalities. One example is its exclusive partnership with the "Le Meilleur Stage du Monde" ("The World's Best Internship") initiative, in which candidates apply via Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

  • 280,000 talents by our sides

  • 100 countries

  • 55 % of our employees are less than 35 years old

  • 28% of our millenials are General Managers or Heads of Department

  • 1 employee is recruited every 8 minutes

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