Our roadmap

What we plan to do over the next five years

Woman fully equipped, planting a tree in a green environment

Woman fully equipped, planting a tree in a green environment

Aim high with our roadmap 

By 2021, we will more than double the number of trees we have planted so far with Plant for the Planet. 
We will do that in three ways. 

First, by requiring all our hotels to adopt this program, including franchised hotels.

Then, by promoting it more vigorously.
Specifically with new literature to tell hotel guests about it and by encouraging employees to serve as its ambassadors. 

Lastly, by diversifying funding streams, i.e. using other opportunities to save money besides encouraging guests to reuse their towels. 

For instance:
• Involving our customers and allowing them to take part in the program by buying a tree that will bear their name.

• Selling eco-responsible gifts or goodies in our hotels and setting aside a portion of the proceeds to plant trees.

• Involving the farmers supplying our produce in insetting projects backed by Plant for the Planet.

The ultimate goal is to work with them on agroforestry projects that will open doors for them in responsible supply chains – and thereby reduce their environmental footprints and ours.