Our footprint

To achieve our goals of transparency and corporate responsibility, we are committed to sharing the results of the studies we carry out on our socio-economic and environmental footprints in the countries in which we operate, making them available to everyone.

Plants alongside the pool of an hotel

Plants alongside the pool of an hotel

Our socio-economic footprint (2016)

This socio-economic footprint study was the first led by a hotel Group. Committed, we found it crucial to quantify and analyze our activity’s ripple effects throughout the worldwide and local economies. The findings from this impact map will help us to home in on more effective levers to limit any negative impacts that may arise from its development and strengthen the positive impacts in the communities around its hotels.

Two key findings: AccorHotels supports 880 000 jobs and mainly creates wealth in our host countries.


  • €7.3 bn €7.3 bn
    of salaries and taxes paid
  • €5.9 bn €5.9 bn
    of supplier purchases
  • €9.2 bn €9.2 bn
    to support consumption and tax revenue
  • €22.4 bn €22.4 bn
    contributed to global GPD


  • 170,000 170,000
    full-time equivalent jobs
  • 260,000 260,000
    Induced impacts: full-time equivalent jobs
  • 450,000 450,000
    Induced impacts: full-time equivalent jobs
  • 880,000 880,000
    Jobs supported worldwide: 70% of vacancies are filled locally


  • 1 1
    Job created within Accor
  • €1 €1
    of Accor revenue
  • 4.1 4.1
    jobs supported worldwide
  • €1.7 €1.7
    contribution to global GPD

Our environmental footprint

This new study on environmental footprint measures the progress we have made since 2011 on a number of issues such as water consumption and CO2 emissions. The impact on biodiversity is now also measured on this new environmental footprint. We wanted the study to cover a wide perimeter, not limiting itself to the direct impact of a single hotel, but also taking into account indirect impacts such as the impact of raising the cows that wind up on restaurant menus and the impact of the shipping of goods that are necessary for a hotel to operate.

Hotel energy consumption, water consumption and pollution, and impacts derived from restaurant activities—these three themes are AccorHotels' main areas for action if it is to have a positive impact on its environmental footprint.