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Green lobby of an hotel, with trees coming out of the tables

Green lobby of an hotel, with trees coming out of the tables

Since 2016, our hotels have at their disposal a modern web platform, innovative and intuitive, offering them a great support to implement the roadmap of Planet 21 in Action.

This unique tool, devised collectively, is targeted directly at the needs of hotel managers and technical officers throughout the world. The new version of this tool, nicknamed Gaïa, provides support for and monitors all issues associated with leading the way in sustainable development, technical standards and statutory compliance. Accessible everywhere, this on-line platform also encourages collective knowledge and awareness, facilitating the exchange of information and best practices.


Thanks to Gaia, today our hotels can: carry out self-assessment, define their priority objectives, generate a customised action plan and monitor their progress in real time. This multi-device, easy-to-use application is available in 8 languages and offers simplified content appropriate to the specific characteristics and needs of each country.  Everything is designed to encourage and support the move from ideas to actions, in all of our hotels, throughout the world.

Arnaud Patat SVP Technical Division

This is first and foremost an application developed through collaboration between the sustainable development teams and Hotel Invest technical services. We want it to be ergonomic, to provide our hotels with everyday help in monitoring statutory safety actions and to aid your water and energy consumption management.