Nextdoor, partnering for collective performance

At Nextdoor, we believe that business is all about people, and in encouraging people in our offices to reach out to each other.

That’s why we’re building a community and inventing services to free its members from the more mind-numbing tasks in the working world.

  • 4 500 resident business community

  • 8 work spaces

  • 80 work spaces in pipeline by 2022

  • 50 000 m2

  • 110 business events in 2017

Nextdoor creates and operates new work spaces that nudge people to think again about the way they work.

It is also a lab to shed light on the deep-reaching changes reshaping the working world. Its management lives by its founders’ beliefs: the executive team members and the rest of the staff work among the residents, and hot-desk.

A tailored experience

Ergonomists and YAD Spaces designed Nextdoor’s interior architecture together, and thought of everything – the flows, lighting and acoustics – to enhance worker comfort and convenience. And the on-site teams have an eye for detail and provide a choice of customized services.

Nextdoor is planning to open 10 new work spaces a year to treat its coworkers to more choice.

All residents on coworking deals (starting with part-time memberships) or renting private offices are welcome to use any of the facilities and don’t need to book ahead.

Exclusive rates

The standard deal involves monthly membership that residents can adjust as they please, month after month. And the rates are among the lowest on the market!

Or you can choose the Pass to skip from one site to another and meet the rest of the community in the process. 

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