Augmented Hospitality

We dare to reimagine hospitality not as a place or service, but infinite connected moments, whether you want to Live, Work, or Play.

We have reshaped our core business around the idea of “Augmented Hospitality” — a refined vision of hospitality and the tailor-made services we can provide to a community of customers made up of guests and locals alike. 

Augmented hospitality means anticipating a customer’s every need. Whether organizing upscale events, delivering personalized services, creating unique experiences or offering digital solutions, Accor’s vision of augmented hospitality is not just about planning for tomorrow, it is about designing tomorrow.

Live, Work, Play: a new brand architecture 

In over 50 years, we have both strengthened our core capabilities and created a wider and complementary brand portfolio. 

Through it, we unlock experiences and possibilities not just in travel, to offer lifestyle experiences with activities clustered into three categories — Live, Work, Play — and, lastly, "Business Accelerators". This new brand architecture mirrors our aim to bring Augmented Hospitality to life:

  • "Live" encompasses our hospitality brands and reflects our vision for hotels as places that provide more than a room to stay and a bed to sleep: that cater to local communities' daily wants and needs, too.
  •  "Work" covers the brands catering to growing demand for coworking services.
  • "Play" captures the amazing entertainment opportunities we're providing through our brands - including Potel & Chabot, Paris Society, the pioneering sbe group and thousands of restaurants and bars in our hotels around the world.
  • "Business accelerators" includes D-EDGE, Gekko, Resdiary, Very Chic and other brands that are helping our hotel owners and partners to boost their performance and capacity, and to cater to customer expectations at the same time.