Meaningful essentials

Committed - Inclusive - "I belong" - Useful

Greet hotels welcome those who look for meaning in their purchase, relationships and way of living. Everyday, they contribute to make our world a better place, thanks to the greeters, a community who is locally engaged.


Lifestyle - Economy mainly international 2 stars

  • 1 hotel in the network

  • 52 rooms in the network

  • 1 countries

  • 10 hotels in the pipeline

  • 1,039 rooms in the pipeline

Key identifiers

  • Local engagement
  • Collective
  • Second Chance

Key concept

Local engagement

Because we want the best for our customers and local communities, we offer fresh and simple local products. Regional jams, freshly baked bread delivered by the baker next door and unmatched croquery.

  • 15% Revenue coming from F&B

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