A hydeaway for in-the-know

Anything can happen - Playground - Authentically personal

Hyde Hotels, Resorts & Residences are intuitively dialed into the desires of the in-the-know; their interests, aspirations and tastes. This is a new kind of hospitality, grounded in the spirit of discovery, the fantasy of nightlife and the adventure of connection. Hyde is more than a brand, it’s a state of mind.


Lifestyle - Premium International 4 stars

  • 2 hotels in the network

  • 460 rooms in the network

  • 1 countries

  • 1 hotel in the pipeline

  • 230 rooms in the pipeline

Key identifiers

  • The Hyde Guestroom
  • Experience & amenities
  • Ciel Spa

Key concept


It doesn’t happen unless it’s shared. Guests want to share experiences with their network, capturing iconic (and photogenic) moments wherever they are. Creating shareable moments is at the core of the Hyde brand.

  • More than 50% of guests that stay at Hyde hotels are familiar with the Hyde nightlife brands

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