An exceptional place to find yourself

African Born - Conservation - Intimacy - Diversity

Mantis is committed to conservation. With this as our cornerstone, we have unearthed a distinguished collection of extraordinary destinations, each capturing the essence of its location. Mantis properties are small and intimate or vast and complex, on a sweeping African plain, bustling city, tropical island or frozen snowscape, each is an exceptional place for guests to find themselves.


Collections - Premium International 4/5 stars

  • 35 hotels in the network

  • 852 rooms in the network

  • 20 countries

  • 11 hotels in the pipeline

  • 472 rooms in the pipeline

Key identifiers

  • Thoughtfully designed spaces
  • Locally sourced gastronomy
  • Celebration of the destination
  • Ecologically sensitive

Key concept


Mantis is committed to the spirit of conservation. With this as our cornerstone, we provide access to destinations, spaces and adventures that are rare and life-changing. We provide our guests with experiences that stir the soul, that defy expectation.

  • Only hotel brand with presence on all 7 continents

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