A "must" cultural destination

Cultural connoisseur - Designe innovator - Plug & Play

Mondrian is a way of travel. With its groundbreaking design and progressive programming it is a “must” destination for locals or travellers. Mondrian is always at the heart of the most exciting cultural scenes in the world, serving up innovation and creativity for everyone. Mondrian provides a playful framework so that guests and locals alike can immerse themselves in the culture of each city it inhabits.


Lifestyle - Premium International 4/5 stars


  • 5 hotels in the network

  • 1,030 rooms in the network

  • 2 countries

  • 8 hotels in the pipeline

  • 1,773 rooms in the pipeline

Key identifiers

  • The Staircase
  • Local culture
  • Oversized elements
  • Ciel Spa

Key concept


Mondrian is at the cultural centre of a city. It recognises the culture of a place and expands what that culture can be. Our guests maybe looking for a new city but at Mondrian they will find a new culture.

  • 81% of guests appreciate the design elements of Mondrian hotels

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