Sophistication with a playful wit

Always Surprising - Celebrated Cuisine -Transcendental Design - Uber Service

SLS is the home of an extraordinary experience. Culinary artistry, theatrical interiors, subversive design touches and unexpected indulgences. From giant metallic ducks to a curated in-room bar for “saints” and “sinners”, no other luxury hotel can boast such a diversity, such richness, such a playful ambiance.


Lifestyle - Luxury International 5 stars

  • 7 hotels in the network

  • 1,844 rooms in the network

  • 2 countries

  • 11 hotels in the pipeline

  • 2,026 rooms in the pipeline

Key identifiers

  • The SLS Elevator
  • The SLS entrance
  • The SLS duck
  • The SLS desk
  • Ciel Spa

Key concept


More than simply aesthetics; elegance and beauty working in harmony with seamless operations gives us the edge and captivates the imagination of our guests.

  • 82% of guests characterised their stay at SLS as "memorable"

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