The House Of Originals

A vibrant collection of hotels with a bold spirit that challenges and inspires

Community - Unpretentious luxury - Culinary & mixology experiense - Individuality

Some people can do innovative things. Some people are innovators. Inside our community, we share a common spirit. A spirit of constant innovation. The House of Originals has historic hotels, iconic even - but that is not what makes them one of us. They recognize their heritage alone is not enough. True originals don’t question once, they always question. We are this bold spirit. A community that challenges, learns and inspires. Not following fashions, but leading fashions. From nightlife, to design, culinary and mixology. For every hotel with this undying spirit and promise of originality.


Collections - Luxury International 5 stars


  • 6 hotels

  • 1,836 rooms

  • 4 countries

  • 5 hotels in the pipeline

  • 558 rooms in the pipeline

Key identifiers

  • Unique Art & Design
  • Iconic Architecture
  • The Best Lounge Amosphere
  • Ciel Spa

Key concept

Unique Art & Design.

We believe that it’s easier to innovate as a group – we want to explore new avenues, new opportunities and push boundaries. We do this to an unprecedented extent, through likeminded partners, we inspire each other and push each other to do more. Oversized chess pieces, lip chairs, oversized vases and more.

  • 66% of guests return because of the iconic brand

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