An internal driving force

To foster boldness and creativity we are rethinking the way we work by focusing on sharing ideas and skills.

Our Group must adapt itself rapidly to retain its position as leader. We count on the innovation potential of each of our talents to find informed solutions to the constantly evolving challenges of our times.

We have begun a profound cultural transformation to find new management and collaborative methods. It is high time to remove barriers and unleash talents, doing away with the traditional balance of power in favour of transversal management. Our talents, through their diversity and capacity to innovate together, are a unique performance lever. It’s up to us to make the most of them!

Freer, more flexible ways of working

We do everything in our power to unleash each employee’s creativity because the innovation culture results from collaboration and it is increasingly important to shake up our habits and create a rupture in the way we think about creation and innovation. Provide a stimulating work environment, teach innovative methods and facilitate agile and collaborative action plans …


Located close to Paris in Issy les Moulineaux, our new international head office symbolises our transition towards more flexible and collaborative work methods.


To imagine and create unique human experiences, whether for our customers or our employees, we are initiating our staff in the "Design Thinking" technique. This creative process, which puts the human aspect first, was created in the eighties by the inventive mind of the American Rolf Faste and is based on empathy and observations in the field. In other words, forget everything you thought you knew, let go of preconceived ideas and put experiments into practice!

It enables us to see things we didn’t see before. We go further and deeper.


Just like start-ups, we are keen to test our new ideas as quickly as possible and we do this in several key locations. The feedback provided by the employees in these "Hotel Labs" helps us to make faster and better progress. The Pullman St Pancras in London, for example, was the first to participate in testing the use of digital tools in our hotels.

It is gratifying for our teams and it also ensures that the final product, destined to be used in all the hotels, is really adapted to customers and the needs of operating staff.

Breaking the codes to reinvent ourselves

In order to highlight our innovative products and services, we must embark upon a radically new internal strategy, breaking away from traditional codes. The nomination of a “Shadow Comex”, an executive committee of under 35s, is one of the most obvious signs of our internal revolution.

It’s a matter of making hundreds of internal entrepreneurs join the movement.

New technologies at the base

Because we are convinced of the necessity of having a meeting place for people from different  professional backgrounds and departments, we give all our talents the means to exchange views, iterate and create together. This is where technologies play a decisive role.


On "Open Ideas", our internal platform for collaborative innovation, each talent can put forward ideas, individually or as a team, vote for the ones they like, make comments on ideas already posted and exchange freely with peers everywhere in the world. It gives the opportunity to participate in international challenges and reflections, on real business issues… no matter which department you work in.

A catalyst for innovation, the platform not only contributes to the exploration of all possibilities – known as the conceptualisation phase – but also to the project implementation of the most promising ideas. Obviously the aim is to implement these propositions, as was recently the case with the prototyping of Google Glass for Accor.