Open Innovation

Innovation, of course, but above all cooperative innovation.

Our philosophy in three words: Openness, openness and… openness.

And we say it three times because we mean it… Our Group is taking on the huge challenge of adopting an open approach – being open to new practices, new generations, new professions and new businesses. Driven by the ambition of creating the hospitality of the future, we want to generate value and stimulate creativity thanks to an approach of open-innovation which harnesses the driving forces of progress. Start-ups, students, SMEs and large companies: by working together, we can create the world of tomorrow.


At Accor, we are convinced that collaboration between startups and major groups is essential: the combination of an open innovation laboratory on one side and a vast industrial testing ground on the other offers countless benefits for both parties. The purpose of the “Disruption & Growth” department that we set up recently is to act as the interface between the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Group and to strengthen our links with startups. 

Strong partnerships

To identify new projects and test new concepts that will enrich our client experience, we have adopted an open and dynamic strategy of co-development and co-creation with startups, SMEs and students, in France and abroad. This translates into several key partnerships. 


AccorHotels is a founding partner of thecamp, a collective project dedicated to inspiring, training, innovating and experimenting with a unique objective: to make individuals and organizations into changemakers, by stimulating creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. thecamp provides means to have a positive impact and to use current disruptions to create a more sustainable world and more humane societies.

Without equivalent in Europe, this “third place” located in Aix-en-Provence aims to reinvent our daily life and our environment. At an inspiring site, individuals from all cultures, generations and backgrounds meet to look for concrete and impactful solutions. At thecamp, they find the spaces they need to grow, collaborate, and transform themselves. 

Opened in September 2017, thecamp was inspired by American campuses but also Accelerators and FabLabs. It’s a place to learn, to exchange ideas, to develop one’s capacity for empathy, to experiment and to prototype. 

  • +30,000 campers

  • 150 accommodation rooms

  • 7 hectares in Aix-en-Provence

  • 900 professionals trained

  • +350 training and facilitation programs

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    thecamp inspires and trains the leaders of today and tomorrow with training and project facilitation programs. Using innovating methodologies and thematic workshops, thecamp prepares professionals for the great transformations of the world.


    The accelerator of thecamp accompanies a new generation of positive impact entrepreneurs. Its mission: help startups find their market and produce at scale by connecting them with international experts and the founding partners of thecamp.


    Hive is the collaborative, multidisciplinary and multicultural residency at thecamp. It hosts every 6 months a group of 20 young talents to work together to imagine and prototype projects that contribute to a more desirable and humane world, in a spirit of radical innovation.


    thecamp’s Lab is dedicated to innovation and experimentation, bringing together public and private players (companies, local governments, regional governments, startups and citizens) to resolve urban issues and current societal challenges, in particular in the areas of mobility and food resources of tomorrow.


    Youth Camp Experiences is thecamp’s program dedicated to young people: children, teenages, young adults and their teachers. Its goal is to encourage younger generations to explore the future, and to introduce them to digital culture, social innovation, collective commitments and the entrepreneurial spirit.


    Convinced that it’s necessary to be inspired in order to change things, thecamp created Outthere, a media for exploring, confronting, sharing and broadcasting inspiring stories, to contribute to making tomorrow’s world more humane and more sustainable.

Viva technology

Our Group is a Gold Partner of Viva Technology. Organised by the Les Echos et Publicis Group, this event brings all the stakeholders in digital transformation together in Paris: nearly 13,000 start-ups from around the world, over 300 large public and private companies, and investors and innovation partners gather in the world’s biggest coworking space. It is an excellent way of connecting all the players in today’s global digital ecosystem, promoting future partnerships between start-ups and large companies and speeding up the digital revolution. 
In our special 390m2 space - illustrating our Work, Live and Play architecture, at the heart of the event, 36 start-ups got the chance to showcase their expertise from May 16 to 18, 2019. This event was the perfect illustration of our new tagline: Live Limitless


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We are also partners with BOMA France Festival (formerly l'échappée volée) for the 2nd time. This event gives you the chance to take inspiration from leading figures with vision and drive, and mingle with start-ups showcasing the products and services of the future. This wealth of exchanges also allows us to identify new opportunities for growth and services for our Group, and as a result, for our customers!

  • 3 days

  • 2 nights

  • 1,000 participants

  • 50 start-ups

  • 40 speakers

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We are one of the three strategic partners of the Innovation Factory – a digital innovation cluster based in Paris. Set in the student hub of the Web School Factory, this space brings digital natives into contact with a number of stakeholders in digital innovation: think tanks, investors, large companies and even start-ups.

As a strategic partner, we benefit from a co-working space, where our employees can benefit from a stimulating environment. This provides us with a real project incubator, offering chance encounters which strengthen our open-innovation approach and promote collaborative creation with students, start-ups and SMEs in order to speed up our digital transformation. 

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Accor and students

Students are the talents of tomorrow, some say. Students can be talents today, we say.


As part of our partnership with the Innovation Factory, we also collaborate with the Web School Factory, the Parisian school specialising in professions related to the internet and new technologies, fulfils two goals: have our ideas challenged by digital natives and facilitates our recruitment of the talents of the future. 

We also organise week-end events, we leave our comfort zone and give these digital whizz-kids a range of strategic challenges to get their teeth into. In just 36 hours, they work tirelessly on one of the Group’s themes, such as, for instance “reinventing the digital hospitality of the future”. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? 

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For the last 7 years, our teams have been setting challenges for students around the world via the web through the global “Take Off!” contest – a great opportunity for creative minds. Each year, this contest attracts more than 500 entrants – working together in groups of three – who let their imagination take over in order to come up with new solutions to various strategic challenges which our Group faces, such as the loyalty program or the Food and Beverage services. 

So what is the challenge for 2019? To imagine how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enhance the guest experience in hotels. To discover the 7th edition”s winners, and to find out about all the stages, head to the Take Off! platform now! 

Discover the Take Off platform!


In order to attract our managers of the future and promote our superb hotel chains, we have nurtured partnerships with over 300 schools in the fields of business and hotel management, and with universities in the various countries in which we operate. We also collaborate on the course or applied Master’s degree in “Revenue Management”, with l’institut Paul Bocuse and l’IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc in France.

As a partner of l’école hôtelière de Lausanne, we are also involved in the extremely innovative “Master of Sciences in Hospitality” course, organised in collaboration with Houston University and Hong Kong Polytechnic – all exceedingly prestigious institutions. Just like our Group, these partnerships are international: Switzerland, UK, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and USA are just some examples. Our selection criteria are set by our recruitment requirements and the quality of the candidates’ training.

Finally, since we are always looking for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, we also work with art and design schools and schools specialising in IT and digital skills.