Energy Observer

Energy transition partners.

Forget about a bleating engine, polluting fuel oil and wooden oars down in the hull. The sailors on board the futuristic Energy Observer, the first hydrogen-powered round-the-world yacht, are revolutionizing maritime adventure. When voyaging goes hand in hand with technology and ecology!

Set sail for the future

What's in store on the first nautical mile of this innovative odyssey? Taking technologies out of the labs to test them in an extreme environment, improve them and enable them to be deployed near to you, on land.

Energy Observer, a former racing catamaran and now a floating test lab, is the first energy self-sufficient boat with zero greenhouse gas or fine particle emissions. Shiver me timbers! How is that possible? Thanks to energy coupling:

  • Solar energy, produced thanks to 3 different types of solar panels spread over a 202m2 surface area.
  • Wind power, generated through the use of 2 Oceanwings.
  • Hydrogen, the most abundant chemical element on the planet, produced and stored thanks to totally new technology.

With its 2 electric engines that can be converted into hydro generators, Energy Observer is therefore capable of generating its own electricity on board, using hydrogen extracted from seawater and renewable energy sources. A world first! 

Sailing the seven seas whilst staying clean is now possible. Full steam ahead!

After a French Tour in 2017, a Mediterranean 2018 and a Northern Europe 2019 tour, Energy Observer will resume its course on February 17th, 2020. In 2020, the first hydrogen-powered autonomous hydrogen vessel is preparing to make the largest sailings in its history, which will take it to Tokyo during the Olympic Games and then to California. 

  • 7 years going round the world

  • 50 countries visited

  • 101 ingenious stopovers

An ideas-packed epic

Another rendezvous in the captain's log. Energy Observer is taking you on board too on a human adventure.

To port, there's Victorien Erussard (President, Captain and Founder) and Jérôme Delafosse (leader of the expedition) who want to make this expedition an odyssey for the whole planet. They're on a mission to convince mankind that energy transition is possible, so are setting off in search of 101 innovative, effective and sustainable solutions, throughout the world.

And what's to starboard? Exclusive content for you, with real-time immersion in the crew's daily life!

A team of 50 people who've got their sea legs, the boat's godmother, Florence Lambert (Director of the CEA-Liten) and godfather, Nicolas Hulot (President of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Mankind) are also at the helm on this expedition, as well as 4 main partners: Accor, Thélem Assurances, Delanchy Transport and ENGIE.

Accor, the cabin boy

Is becoming one of Energy Observer's main partners our siren song? Undoubtedly!

Our objective as a committed Group is to continually reduce our hotels' carbon footprint. Our Sustainable Development program Planet 21 is the perfect map to help us get there.

Together with the HotelInvest teams, we have therefore put on our finest yellow oilskins and joined in with this human, technological and scientific venture.

We are more than sponsors, we are explorers and in this odyssey into the future we can see:

  • Privileged access to new forms of technology, so as to understand them, test them and apply them in our own buildings and means of transport, with the help of the CEA-Liten.
  • An opportunity to cement our position as the leading innovative and committed hospitality Group.
  • An invitation for our partners and guests to play an active part in energy transition.
  • An alternative, unifying project for our 250,000 employees around the world that is a resounding echo of our bold, pioneering spirit.

Energy Observer is an epic packed with promise that will help get Accor moving. The Group spends over €400 million every year on water and energy consumption. Although we have succeeded in reducing this rate of consumption by 7% in five years, we must go further and our partnership with Energy Observer and the CEA-Liten will help us in this respect. By enlisting alongside Energy Observer, Accor is reaffirming its goal of being an energy transition pioneer, starting today. Faster progress in the search for new, clean and sustainable energy sources: that’s the objective of this partnership of skills.

Cast off!

Energy Observer