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Index relating to equal pay between women and men

The purpose of Decree no. 2019-15 of 8 January 2019 is to eliminate the pay gap between women and men in business. The gender equality index enables companies to measure discrepancies between the pay and status of men and women, and highlights areas for improvement on which action must be taken when those disparities are unjustified. 

The target set by the government is to eliminate, within 3 years, the discrepancies of 9% that exist at national level. 

The index is scored out of 100 points, and is calculated on the basis of five indicators for companies with more than 250 employees, and of four indicators for those with between 50 and 250 employees:

  1. The pay gap between women and men in comparable positions and of comparable age. 
  2. The discrepancy in the distribution of individual increases between women and men. 
  3. The discrepancy in the distribution of promotions between women and men. 
  4. The percentage of female employees increased upon return from maternity leave. 
  5. The parity between women and men among the ten highest salaries. 

The company must achieve a minimum level of 75 points. Below 75 points, it must put corrective measures in place within three years or pay penalties of up to 1% of the total wage bill. Every year, the index must be published on the websites and communicated to the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) and the works inspectorate (DREETS). 
The gender equality index has applied to all companies with more than 50 employees since 1 March 2020. For the year 2021, the scores of the Accor Group’s various legal entities with more than 50 employees are as follows:


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Messages that you send through the Internet may be intercepted on that network. Their confidentiality cannot be guaranteed until they reach us.

 UK gender pay gap report

All UK companies with over 250 employees are required to report on their gender pay gap. This gives an opportunity to further understand and address gender inconsistencies within the workforce.

UK Report 2017

Modern Slavery Act statement

The UK Government requires companies to publish an annual statement detailing what steps they have taken to tackle modern slavery, both in their operations and in their supply chains. Find below our published statement.

Modern Slavery Statement 2021

Canadian Pacific Companies (Europe) Pension Plan - Statement of Investment Principles

Statement of Investment Principles

Trustees of relevant UK defined benefit pension schemes are required to make publicly available on a website the scheme’s statement of investment principles. Please refer to the following document to view the applicable statement for the Canadian Pacific Companies (Europe) Pension Plan.

Canadian Pacific Companies (Europe) Pension Plan

Implementation Statement

Trustees of relevant UK defined benefit pension schemes are required to make publicly available on a website the scheme’s implementation statement. Please refer to the following document to view the applicable statement for the Canadian Pacific Companies (Europe) Pension Plan.

Canadian Pacific Companies (Europe) Pension Plan

Discrepancies in the representation of women and men among senior executives and among the members of the company’s management bodies 

The purpose of Law no. 2021-1774 of 24 December 2021, known as the “Rixain” law, is to accelerate economic and professional equality, and particularly to accelerate the participation of women in economic and professional life. Among the provisions applicable to companies, Article 14 of the Law adds two measures to the Copé-Zimmerman Law in order to increase the number of women (or of men when men are in the minority) on the management of companies with at least 1,000 employees:

  • The obligation to publish annually the discrepancies in the representation of women and men among senior executives and among members of companies’ management bodies;
  • The introduction of a progressive minimum quota of women (or, if applicable, of men) among the senior executives and members of the management bodies of companies.

This quota will enter into force in two stages: on 1 March 2026, the proportion of women in each of the groups taken separately (senior executives and members of management bodies) may not be less than 30%, then on 1 March 2029, 40%. 

If the company does not achieve the first target on 1 March 2026, adequate and appropriate corrective measures must be proposed in the context of negotiations on professional equality.
The proportion will be assessed on the basis of time spent as a senior executive or member of the management bodies during the accounting year.

The definition used for senior executives corresponds, within the meaning of the French Employment Code, to employees who can be regarded as workers without a reference timetable and who are not subject to compliance with the ordinary legal rules concerning the calculation of working time.
As for the members of management bodies, this term corresponds to the members of the Management Committee and to a member of the Executive Committee. 

Every year, the discrepancies in representation must be published on the company's website and on the website of the Employment Ministry, and must be mentioned in the BDES (economic and social database).
The only company in the Accor Group with more than 1,000 employees in the year 2021 is ACCOR SA, where the discrepancies in representation are as follows: