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An original gift and a gesture for the environment.

Make a gesture for the planet by planting trees! Surprise your family and friends and give them trees thanks to the online platform initiated by AccorHotels! A gesture that is both beneficial for the environment and an intention that does not leave indifferent.

An ecological gift

Trees are deeply symbolic across different cultures and periods of history. So planting your own tree or giving one to a loved one is a very meaningful gesture! The tree offers multiple benefits to farmers and the planet: biodiversity protection, fight against climate change, diversification of farmers’ revenues, and so on.
You can choose to plant trees in Senegal, Romania, Indonesia, Peru or France, starting at just €3! Local farmers will take care of the actual planting! 
Offering a tree is an original gift for your family, your friends, your colleagues, for many occasions: birthday, birth, wedding, parties ...

As part of our Plant for the Planet programme, this online platform allows each one to finance agroforestry projects in countries where the Group has a presence. Built in tandem with PUR Projet, our long-standing partner, this site aims to make you aware of the agro-ecological transition. At AccorHotels, we are committed to planting trees on the edges or in the centre of cultivated areas or pastureland, in a move to preserve and regenerate ecosystems. 


Your tree in 4 steps:

To begin, choose the country in which you would like to plant your tree. You have the choice between Senegal (SOS Sahel – 3 EUR), Romania (Mihai Eminescu Trust – 3 EUR), Indonesia (Kopi Lestari – 5 EUR), Peru (Alto Huayabamba – 5 EUR) or France (PUR Hexagone – 10 EUR).


Then, personalize your order if you would like to gift a tree to a friend or family member.

Third step; receive a unique planting certificate in your name or the name of the person you’re gifting the tree to, with the variety of tree, its location, and the name of the farmer who will plant it. 


Last but not least, connect with your tree(s) using the “My Forest” section, which allows you to follow your tree's progress through the seasons. The section includes photos, videos, GPS coordinates of the plot, project goals, and more.


Convinced ?

Conviced ?

Plant a tree

With Plant for the Planet, AccorHotels supports eco-friendlier agriculture

We encourage our customers to reuse their towels. Half the savings made on laundry this way are reinvested in planting trees in agricultural plots: this is agroforestry! With 300 plantation sites across 26 countries, we’re working towards agriculture that better respects the environment. With ingredients procured from the farms we support, we offer local, healthy, eco-friendly food in our restaurants.

Already, 5 million trees have been planted with our partner PUR Projet!

Our aim? To plant 10 million trees by 2021.