A barnacle goose odyssey


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Highlighting the importance of nature and protecting endangered species are key objectives of our Group’s Ethics and CSR Charter. This was Accor’s purpose in supporting the project led by Nicolas Vanier, movie producer and adventurer, and his extraordinary story, starring our favorite animal: the barnacle goose. “Donne-moi des ailes”, or “Spread Your Wings”, as it is known in English, is a must-see movie!

"Spread Your Wings" is the amazing story of a scientist who specializes in the study of lesser white-fronted geese. His son, however, can't stand the idea of spending his holidays in the middle of nowhere with his father. And yet they will come together in a madcap plan: to use the father's microlight to bring forward the geese's migration and save them from extinction.

Following their journey from the Camargue to Norway, Nicolas Vanier turns the spotlight on the acting talents of Jean-Paul RouveMélanie Doutey and Louis Vazquez, as he intersperses a sensitive narrative about family relationships with incredible shots of the European landscape.


Sustainable development becomes a movie star!

Following numerous hit movies, such as Belle & Sébastien and School of Life, Nicolas Vanier focuses on an entirely new film proposition that resonates with our Group, as it's all about geese. This partnership is part of our Planet 21 - Acting Here program, remaining faithful to one of our pillars advocating sustainable development. 

Through his movie, Nicolas Vanier aims to raise awareness, stir people's conscience and make them think about a future that has appeal.

Supporting this movie lets us publicly reaffirm our convictions. But above all, it allows us to bring into play the distinctive codes of our Group and make an allusion to our own story as the movie's co-stars are the Group's very own emblem, barnacle geese! So being the movie's partner was an obvious move for Accor.

Don't miss the movie's release in French cinemas on October 9th.