Empowering Women

Gender equality matters a great deal to our company.

No woman should see her ambitions limited, tormented or reaching a ceiling. To instil change, our Group does not merely settle with a narrative: it is committed to concrete objectives that foster equality.

Eradicating limitations on women's ambitions

Providing a fairer salary policy and promoting more women to managerial positions are two key areas of our equality commitments. For example, the Shadow Comex of under-35s, equally represented by both genders, is one way to encourage the emergence of female talents in positions of responsibility.

In 2015, Accor became the first and only hotel group to officially join the HeForShe solidarity campaign initiated by UN Women. We're proud to be one of the project's ten pilot companies and are making active efforts to promote gender equality and set an example.

An international network to promote diversity

Our Group’s international network RiiSE strive to combat stereotypes, everyday sexism, and sexual harassment, through communication campaigns, conferences and awareness-raising workshops. Its action is based in particular on the sharing of knowledge through a mentoring program, with 900 pairs in some 20 countries in 2018, on the promotion of especially female talent to positions of responsibility, and on combatting all forms of discrimination.

The network already has more than 14,000 members globally.

Women in the spotlight

Every year, to mark International Women's Day, Accor rolls out a variety of actions worldwide and mobilises its employees to foster equality. In 2015, our teams took part in this major initiative, under the HeForShe banner, by highlighting their vision of equality.


Hosting Women

These commitments are accompanied by one fundamental objective: changing mentalities. This endeavour, which forms part of a longer-term perspective, is reflected in our managerial policy, as well as in the adaptation of our offerings and services. The hotel industry, particularly the business hotel industry, is traditionally managed by men, for men. In response to the growing numbers of women among our guests and the diversification of our propositions, we need to devise tailored offerings that are designed for women and meet their particular expectations. This is the rationality adopted by our luxury brand MGallery by Sofitel, which has developed a specific offering called "Inspired by Her".