Special benefits

Because our employees' well-being is a major priority at Accor, we have a policy to provide empowering benefits for our people. Learn more about our reward and recognition schemes.

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At Accor, we're aware of just how valuable our team members are. By offering each of them a variety of benefits wherever they are in the world, we aim to recognise every individual who contributes to the Group's success and prestige.

  • Our goal is to acknowledge our employees' skills and performance, while at the same time respecting the principles of fairness and non-discrimination.

    To ensure our salaries are competitive, we regularly conduct surveys of local markets and specialised firms. This enables us to provide personalised and motivational support for all our teams with the aim of facilitating and encouraging their development.
  • Meeting in a calm setting, conducting an appraisal and setting targets is a valuable process, both for managers and employees.

    Several meetings or discussions are held throughout the year to facilitate dialogue and motivate teams.
  • Accor France offers a Corporate Savings Plan, discretionary profit sharing and mandatory profit sharing for all its teams.

    A Collective Retirement Savings Plan to ensure optimal preparation for retirement.
  • We value the work and dedication of every employee of the Group. Every year, Accor recognises the exceptional achievements of our teams working in our hotels and head offices. 

    Created more than 20 years ago, and a true recognition symbol, the "Bernaches" awards are given to employees who, through their commitment, actions and work, embody our respect, innovation, performance, trust or spirit of conquest values. 
  • With operations in 110 countries, we strive to ensure the well-being, health and safety of all our teams. Accor is extremely attentive to its employees and their loved ones.

    With this in mind, in accordance with local welfare systems, the country in question and market practices, the Group implements healthcare expense, personal protection and retirement plans to provide unfailing support and engagement.
  • Accor offers all its employees a range of benefits aimed at improving their quality of life and optimising their working conditions.

    Innovative and attractive products and services that meet their needs are provided.
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