Our people

Turn our employees into our most enthusiastic ambassadors

Yoga teacher in a hotel, saluting his student

Yoga teacher in a hotel, saluting his student

The quality of our hospitality would be hollow without our employees' dedication. 

Our goal? To act as an inclusive company, meaning we:

  • Are open to all and proud of our differences
  • Empower people and encourage talent to blossom
  • Care about our employees’ wellbeing and balance
  • See differences as opportunities to spur innovation, grow local roots, step up performance and nurture dedication

  • 1 The employee engagement index increases every year

  • 2 Each country implements a health/wellbeing at work program

  • 3 35% of hotel General Managers are women by 2020

  • 4 Employees' perception of the Group's high level of CSR engagement is increasing