CSR & Performance

To mark ten years as a committed Group with ISO 14001 certification, we carried out two studies – the first by Accenture and the second verified by EY. They bear witness to the impact that CSR measures can have on guest satisfaction and hotels' financial performance.

Bikes chained to gates near the entrance of an hotel

Bikes chained to gates near the entrance of an hotel

Survey verified by EY

The B2B survey, carried out internally and dated Mai 2015, measures our B2B customers’ CSR expectations.

Forty five of the most important accounts, from the five continents where the group operates, completed an online questionnaire between December 2014 and January 2015. Results of this study are confirmed by a similar study lead in 2012. 

Survey conducted by Accenture

This Accenture survey concerns over 1,200 hotels. It measures statistically the influence of several sustainable development indicators (year and certification level, etc.) on profitability and guest satisfaction.

Three main findings

1. CSR has a positive effect on guest satisfaction
This could be due to the better quality of service that results from the positive influence of the management system on the hotel’s organization and the fact that employees are more motivated and involved.

2. CSR has a positive effect on hotel profitability
The proportion of Charter 21 hotels (at a Bronze level or higher) with an above average EBIT increases with the level of Charter 21 achieved. In other words, the higher the sustainability performance, the higher the hotel's profitability. Profitable hotels can invest in sustainable initiatives, but these investments deliver positive paybacks by reducing costs (energy, waste) and increasing revenues (enhanced reputation and guest satisfaction).

3. CSR enables to gain turnover among Accor key B to B clients
Of the existing labels, ISO 14001 emerges as a differentiating factor in tender bids for B2B customers, over 70% of which say they have CSR expectations). A hotel’s CSR performance is an important critera for close to 90% of customers when choosing a hotel.