Planet 21 Research

The challenges of the world of tomorrow affect us all, and it's through working together that we will manage to overcome them.

Wide plant wall, in the corridor of an hotel

Wide plant wall, in the corridor of an hotel

We believe that it is our duty to help spread knowledge and promote the progress of all stakeholders in the hotel industry – both businesses and guests. With this collaborative approach to sustainable innovation in mind, we launched Planet 21 Research, a platform for sharing knowledge about sustainable development in the hotel industry. It's free and open to all – discover it now!

Raising awareness and Spreading information

We regularly add new studies, research and best practice analyses to the platform so we can help to ensure that all hotel industry stakeholders can adopt sustainable development practices. We make all of our methodologies available so that studies can be replicated or renewed by other members of the hotel industry. There's only one condition to using these methodologies – make the results freely available, just like we do.

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