CEO’s Editorial

Message from Sébastien Bazin.

It’s no secret that our world is changing, and changing fast, which requires both clairvoyance, boldness and flexibility. Today, we are far more than hoteliers. We are also ambassadors of experience and we own the milliseconds that make up the journeys during which our guests explore new possibilities for life. We are spearheading a revolution that will change the face of hospitality. To achieve this, Accor treats the challenge of creating immersive experiences beyond the stay as an unprecedented opportunity. We have undertaken a dramatic transformation, culturally, technologically and physically in hotels; we have massively grown in our brand portfolio. We are increasingly gravitating towards agile alliances in a way that both our partners and Accor will be able to leverage our respective expertise to provide more innovative solutions to face current business challenges and rapid changes.

For over 50 years, we have been reinventing the hospitality business by breaking rules and making daring moves, challenging the status quo and revamping the guest experience. Today, we are continuing this exciting journey with a new identity and philosophy. Welcome to Accor, the augmented-hospitality group.

Since 2013-2015, we have been undergoing a fundamental transformation. The five-year journey of implementing an Asset-Light model has enabled us to build on multiple strengths. With the aim of both meeting current changes in the industry and anticipating those in the future, we have transformed Accor from a hotel group into a holistic ecosystem of hospitality services. Extensive strategic investments in a wide variety of sectors around the world have both strengthened our core capabilities and created a wider, complementary brand portfolio, from Raffles to ibis. Also covering entertainment and wellbeing brands, we energize our business of hospitality with an integrated model of brands, talents and services.

Over time, hotels have evolved to serve a multitude of needs: sleeping, eating and drinking, socializing, entertaining or even learning. In response, we have made numerous acquisitions and investments in lifestyle (sbe), luxury (Orient-Express), private rentals (onefinestay), concierge (John Paul), co-working spaces (Nextdoor), dining (Potel & Chabot), restaurants and night clubs (Paris society), digital booking platforms (verychic) to name just a few in the recentyears. By integrating new businesses, we continuously redefine hospitality and keep our brands fresh for both guests and locals.

Accor has been providing hospitality savoir-faire for more than 50 years and constantly expands. Accor is today a world for every lifestyle. Our group is built upon four brand pillars: maximize performance, empowered talent, open innovation and acting for a meaningful hospitality, that embrace the future while continuing to put people – guests, customers and talents – at the heart of everything we do. We have a vision. We create new opportunities to maximize the business of hospitality by combining our brands with our real-world solutions, seamless global networks, and specialist expertise.

We cherish and nurture the uniqueness of all our talents, tailor opportunities to their needs, and encourage leadership through empathy and collaboration. We remain open to new ideas, practices, technology and opportunities, we can adapt to the world, anticipate change, and enable continuous, agile transformation. We want to make the world a better place and ensure that tourism’s benefits go beyond each guest. Which is why we support local communities and the whole planet with sustainable practices and the highest ethical standards.

Sébastien Bazin,
Chairman and CEO of Accor

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