Behind the scenes

Launched in 2015, our “Leading Digital Hospitality” plan relies on an overall approach to digital challenges, in an environment marked by the acceleration in major changes in technology and the rapid growth in its use by our guests.

Stairs of an hotel

Stairs of an hotel

The transformation begun by our Group is strategic, digital and managerial all at the same time. (…) By combining our forces and our new digital ambition, we're going to extend our operational excellence to the industry's entire value chain, in order to anticipate our guests’ expectations better and strengthen our position as long-term leader.

Digital is central to our lives. The ramp-up in online booking platforms, the immediate expression of positive or negative guest feedback and the emergence of new practices have been a game-changer for our hospitality profession. For all these reasons, digital is central to our strategic agenda. Our personnel are carrying out over 100 projects, grouped around eight different programs, aimed at reinventing digital hospitality. Whether it's about new services or technological advances put to the service of our guests, employees or partners, all these projects are committed to positioning our Group at the leading edge of digital innovation.

Offering our guests exemplary experiences

Four programs are devoted exclusively to our guest experience: everything is being done to know them better, give them a better welcome and serve them better. In fact, we will make them loyal to AccorHotels by offering them the personalized welcome they deserve.

Putting our employees at the heart of transformation

To make our employees increasingly aware of the digital issues but also, of course, to give them the simplest and most effective resources to take up this great challenge that is profoundly transforming the Group each day: these are our key objectives.

Becoming our partners' best ally

Franchisees, managed addresses and owners are our everyday partners. Our role is to give them the benefit of tools and services of the highest possible quality.

Consolidating our IT systems and resources

Our Group's digital transformation involves the consolidation of our IT systems and resources: it is about making them more robust and more agile, and continuing to support change.